Readers ask: What Genre Are Spencer For Hire Books?

Spenser: For Hire

Spenser: For Hire was an American crime drama television series that aired on ABC from September 20, 1985, to May 7, 1988, and was based on Robert B. Parker’s Spenser novels.


The series aired on ABC from September 1985 to May 1988, and it was cancelled due to high costs, which were cited as one of the main reasons for the cancellation. The series was estimated to have brought in $50 million for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Spenser (Robert Urich) is the only name used for this character throughout the show, and he is surprisingly sophisticated for a private eye and former boxer. In the TV movies, he drives a red Ford Probe in the first two, but then a burgundy 1967 Ford Mustang fastback in the third.


Hawk (Avery Brooks) is a street-wise black kid who grew up to become an enforcer, and he wields a Colt Python.357 Magnum as his weapon of choice. In the pilot episode (“Promised Land”), he and Spenser clearly respect each other.

Lt. Quirk

Lt. Quirk (Richard Jaeckel) suffers an angina attack and is forced to retire in “Heart of the Matter.”


It was followed by a series of made-for-TV movies (1993u20131995), which produced a total of 66 episodes for the network over the course of the series’ three seasons.

Home media

Rykodisc released the four TV movies made after the weekly series was canceled on DVD on June 28, 2005; Warner Bros. released the first season on DVD via their Warner Archive Collection on August 26, 2014; and the second season was released on May 12, 2015.

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Spin-offs and remakes

Joe Mantegna starred in his own spin-off series, A Man Called Hawk, in 1989. From 1999 to 2001, he played Hawk in three telemovies.


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Why was Spenser for Hire Cancelled?

According to Robert B. Parker, Spenser: For Hire was canceled largely because a new network executive joined the company, and the executive stood to profit financially from creating a new series rather than continuing a successful older one.

Why did Spenser and Susan break up?

Susan terminated her pregnancy because she was not yet ready to settle down and become a mother or press Spenser toward marriage, but Spenser was ready for marriage and was offended by the abortion, which nearly broke them up.

How many Spenser novels are there?

( 47 Books ) Spenser Book Series

Who was the star of Spenser: For Hire?

Spenser: For Hire is an American crime drama series based on Robert B. Parker’s Spenser novels that aired on ABC from September 20, 1985, to May 7, 1988. It was created for television by John Wilder and starred Robert Urich.

How did Hawk and Spenser meet?

Spenser and Hawk first met as boxing opponents in a preliminary bout at the Boston Arena (now known as Matthews Arena), and each believes he won.

What happened to Susan on Spenser for Hire?

To the surprise of “Spenser” fans, Juanita Bartlett, best known for her role on The Rockford Files (1974), joined the show in season two and immediately replaced Susan Silverman with Carolyn McCormick as A.D.A. Rita Fiore.

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What does Spenser mean?

The meaning of the name Spenser in English Baby Names is: Dispenser; Provider.

What was the first Spenser novel?

“The Godwulf Manuscript,” published in 1973, is a good first novel by Robert Parker. It’s about a private detective named “Spenser” and is the first in a series.

How much did Mark Wahlberg get paid for Spenser Confidential?

Mark Wahlberg’s massive $30 million paycheck for his lead role in the 2020 Netflix film Spenser Confidential has been revealed, according to a new report on star salaries.

Is Spencer a movie or series?

Spencer is a biographical psychological drama film directed by Pablo Larran and written by Steven Knight that was released in 2021.

Is Spenser Confidential funny?

Spenser Confidential is a bit clumsy at times, but it’s also a lot of fun and never lets up for the entire 2-hour plus run time; it’s funny, full of good action and fights, and Mark Wahlberg takes his shirt off.

What kind of dog is Pearl in Spenser?

Parker’s German short-haired pointer, Pearl, is a central character in recent Spenser novels.

Who wrote Spenser novels?

Hawk first appears in Spenser’s fourth novel, Promised Land, as an enforcer sent to threaten Spenser’s client. Spenser and Hawk have known each other since they were in their late teens, when they were both on the same boxing circuit, and Hawk is very similar to Spenser, standing a little taller than 6’1″ and extremely fit.

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