FAQ: What Books Go With Finders Keepers?

Finders Keepers (King novel)

Finders Keepers is the second book in Stephen King’s Detective Bill Hodges trilogy, following Mr. Mercedes. It is about the murder of John Rothstein and the release of his killer after 35 years in prison.


Morris Bellamy robs and murders acclaimed author John Rothstein in 1978 for leaving his famous Runner trilogy on a sour note, then hides Rothstein’s cash and Moleskine notebooks in a trunk buried behind his childhood home.


Alison Flood praised the book as “expertly plotted” and a “fresh take” on one of King’s favorite subjects, while Nick Romeo of The Boston Globe criticized the “somewhat outlandish plot.”

Television adaptation

Mr. Mercedes’ third season continues the events of Finders Keepers; however, the TV show’s future is uncertain as of April 2020, as the Audience Network has closed; it is unclear whether the show will return for a fourth season after the network’s closure.


Finders Keepers, Stephen King’s latest novel, was published on June 1, 2015, and was described as “gripping” by reviewer Janet Maslin, who added that it “leaps through time in Stephen King’s gripping sequel.”

What book is After Finders Keepers?

End of Watch is the third installment in Stephen King’s Detective Bill Hodges trilogy, which began with Mr. Mercedes and ended with Finders Keepers.

Is Finders Keepers a sequel to Mr. Mercedes?

Finders Keepers is the second book in Stephen King’s Detective Bill Hodges trilogy, following Mr. Mercedes, and was released on June 2, 2015.

What happens at the end of Finders Keepers?

Bellamy kills his two accomplices and burys the manuscripts, along with thousands of dollars, in the backyard of his childhood home, and gets away with it, but then rapes a woman in a drunken stupor, for which he is sentenced to life in prison.

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Who is the protagonist in Finders Keepers?

Morris Bellamy, a pale, red-lipped sociopath, robs and murders his favorite novelist, John Rothstein, in 1978 because he can’t forgive him for making his lead character, Jimmy Gold, work in advertising in the final installment of his epic trilogy.

Are Finders Keepers legal?

In general, u201cthe finder of lost property has the right to keep it against all odds… In California, any found property worth more than $100 must be turned over to the police.u201d

Should I read Mr Mercedes before Finders Keepers?

You don’t have to read Mr. Mercedes to enjoy Finders Keepers, but your curiosity will be piqued enough that you’ll go find it.

Is Mr. Mercedes true to the book?

It was originally intended to be a short story just a few pages long, with the working title Mr. Mercedes, and was inspired by a true event about a woman driving her car into a McDonald’s restaurant. In an interview with Parade, published May 26, 2013, King confirmed that the novel was “more or less” completed.

Does Mr. Mercedes series follow the book?

Apart from the addition of new characters, the Mr. Mercedes television show stays true to the book in general. However, the writers did make one major change.

Who killed Brady in Mr. Mercedes book?

Mr Mercedes’ second season ended with Lou Linklatter (Breeda Wool) fatally shooting Brady Hartsfield (Harry Treadaway).

Is Brady Hartsfield in Finders Keepers?

Brady appears briefly in Finders Keepers when Bill Hodges visits Brady in the hospital after he was seriously injured by Holly Gibney, and we learn that Brady has the ability to possess other humans who are under the influence of a Zappit game console.

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What is the setting of Finders Keepers?

‘Finders Keepers’ is set in Cape Town, the Mukwevho family’s new home.

Is Finders Keepers on Amazon Prime?

Finders Keepers is available on Prime Video.

Is Holly Gibney in Finders Keepers?

Mercedes, Finders Keepers, and End of Watch), she later appears as a major supporting character in The Outsider and as the main character in “If It Bleeds,” a novella included in the collection of the same name.

What book is Mr Mercedes based on?

Mercedes is an American crime drama television series that premiered on Audience on August 9, 2017. It is based on Stephen King’s Bill Hodges novel trilogy, which includes Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers, and End of Watch.

Who is Jimmy gold?

Jimmy McGonigal (April 21, 1886 u2013 October 7, 1967), better known by his stage name Jimmy Gold, was a Scottish comedian who was a member of the Naughton and Gold music hall act, which later became part of The Crazy Gang. Gold was born in Glasgow.

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