The Where The Why And The How Book Depository?

Where is the book depository located?

Book Depository

Type of business Limited company
Available in English
Founded 2004
Headquarters London, UK
Area served Worldwide

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How does Book Depository work? sells books at cheaper than list price. It packages them, adds a bookmark, and ships it anywhere in the world for free. Because shipping books across a sea is expensive, as is flying them through the air.

Does Book Depository have an app?

Urs App | Book Depository.

Is the book depository safe to order from?

Is book trustworthy? Yes but they ship on floating snails which slowly make their way across the pond to America. Yes, they’re fantastic. The books I’ve ordered from them always show up within the estimated shipping time, and are packed neatly with no damage unlike some experiences I’ve had with Amazon.

Who is the owner of Book Depository?


Which online bookstore is best?

Here are the 20 best websites to use next time you shop for paperback and hardcover books online:

  • AbeBooks. This site has millions of new and used books for sale, including many signed books by famous authors.
  • Book Depository.
  • Alibris.
  • Walmart.
  • Booktopia.
  • Thrift Books.
  • Books A Million.
  • Amazon Books.

Is AbeBooks part of Amazon?

AbeBooks Inc. is a subsidiary of, Inc. AbeBooks, an online bookselling pioneer, was acquired in December 2008 and remains a stand-alone operation with headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and a European office in Munich, Germany.

Is Book Depository better than Amazon?

Their prices are quite good and generally cheaper than buying from brick and mortar bookshops like Kinokuniya. However, prices are generally high compared to Book Depository and Amazon. They do have frequent sales, however, and they also offer discounts during the Great Singapore Sale.

How long does Book Depository take?

Book Depository usually ships within two days upon receiving the order. After which, it takes roughly two weeks for the delivery.