King Of How Book Reviews?

Is Stephen King’s IT book appropriate?

Stephen King’s writing is sick.

There is no appropriate age for reading IT.

You can handle it only if you have read books like this before.

My brothers read the book after watching the movie (they’re 12) and they use it mainly as a bible of swear words and sexual content.

What is the scariest Stephen King novel?

Stephen King’s 10 Scariest Books, Because Sleeping Is Overrated

  • It. There’s a reason It tops this list of Stephen King’s scariest books: It is about horror incarnate.
  • ‘Salem’s Lot.
  • The Shining.
  • Pet Sematary.
  • Children of the Corn (first published as a short story in Night Shift)
  • Dreamcatcher.
  • The Mist (first published as a novella in Skeleton Crew)
  • The Regulators.

Is the institute by Stephen King scary?

But no one has ever escaped from the Institute. As psychically terrifying as Firestarter, and with the spectacular kid power of It, The Institute is Stephen King’s gut-wrenchingly dramatic story of good vs. evil in a world where the good guys don’t always win.

Is the institute a good book?

King’s latest novel, “The Institute,” belongs to this second category, and is as consummately honed and enthralling as the very best of his work. It has no ghosts, no vampires, no metamorphosing diabolical entities or invaders from other dimensions intent on tormenting innocent children.

What age should you be to read it?

Most children learn to read by 6 or 7 years of age. Some children learn at 4 or 5 years of age. Even if a child has a head start, she may not stay ahead once school starts. The other students most likely will catch up during the second or third grade.

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Is the shining OK for a 13 year old?

One of the best thriller movies ever it screws with your mind which makes it so scary. Even though it is not as violent as halloween or slasher films its still pretty violent and still pretty sexual the language is not horrible but not PG-13 language. It is a great movie that will stick to your mind for a long time.

What is Stephen King’s longest book?

Leaving aside The Dark Tower, which is certainly his longest work, the longest, singular novel that he’s written is the Unedited Edition of the Stand.

How rich is Stephen King?

King was born in Portland. His books have sold more than 350 million copies worldwide, of which many have also been adapted into feature films, miniseries, and comic books. As of 2020, Stephen King’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $400 million dollars, making him one of the highest paid authors in the world.

What is the scariest book ever?

The scariest books of all time

  1. The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty. $24.44.
  2. Pet Sematary by Stephen King. $9.99.
  3. Hell House by Richard Matheson. $10.98.
  4. The Silence Of The Lambs by Thomas Harris. $7.99.
  5. The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.
  6. Dracula by Bram Stoker.
  7. The Hunger by Alma Katsu.
  8. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

Is Stephen King still writing books?

King, of course, did not actually stop writing horror novels after It. Of the nearly 40 books he’s written since, at least a quarter can be classified as horror, with many more horror-adjacent: suspense, psychological thrillers, murder mysteries.

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Is Stephen King dead?

Stephen Edwin King (born September 21, 1947) is an American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, and fantasy novels.

Stephen King
Occupation Author
Nationality American
Alma mater University of Maine
Period 1967–present

11 more rows

Is Stephen King still writing?

Stephen King is the author of more than sixty books, all of them worldwide bestsellers. His recent work includes The Institute, Elevation, The Outsider, Sleeping Beauties (co-written with his son Owen King) and the Bill Hodges trilogy, End of Watch, Finders Keepers, and Mr.