How Book Titles Are Chosen?

Can book titles be the same?


It is possible (and quite common) for two or more books to share the same title.

It is best to avoid this situation unless you are positive that there won’t be any confusion between the two titles.

The only time when it is not possible to re-use the title of an existing book is if that title contains a trademark.

How do you come up with a good title for a story?



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How To Come Up With A Great Title For Your Book, Story, or Poem


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How long should the title of a book be?

Your book title length should be somewhere in the neighborhood. Fiction titles tend to be much shorter than non-fiction titles, but only because non-fiction titles often include subtitles. As a rule of thumb, a non-fiction title should be 5 words or less. Subtitles are generally three to seven words in length.

How do you create a good title?

A title is the first thing your reader will see, but it is often the last thing a writer creates.

There are some general rules to remember:

  • Most words in your title should begin with a capital letter.
  • The first word and the first word after a colon should always be capitalized even if one of the “short words.”