How Book Three Destionations On Southwest Airline?

Go to the Southwest Airlines home page click on Flight/Hotel/Car, then click on book a flight.

Where you see “From & To” under that you will see + Add another flight.

Can I book multiple flights on Southwest?

You can book one way or roundtrip flights on for up to 8 passengers at a time. On the Air Booking page, it is easy to do. Just enter your travel specifics – origin, destination and dates of travel and you are on your way.

How do I book a 3 destination flight?

How to use Skyscanner’s multi-city flight search

  • On the Skyscanner homepage, select ‘Multi-city’ at the top of the search panel.
  • Enter up to six legs of your journey, selecting your departure airport, destination and dates from the drop-down menus.
  • Choose the number of passengers and cabin class you wish to search for.

How do I book a flight on Southwest Airlines?

Booking a Reservation

  1. For your convenience, you can book online at
  2. Call us at 1-800-435-9792.
  3. Make the reservation at the Southwest ticket counter at the airport.

How do I book multiple flights?

How do I book a multi-city flight?

  • Select “multi-city” on the Skyscanner homepage.
  • Enter desired dates and destinations, up to 6 legs.
  • Select number of passengers and cabin class.
  • Edit filters for specific airlines, arrival/departure times and more.
  • Find the flight you want, hit select and book!