How Book Driving Test Slot In Pennsylvania?

How do I schedule a road test in PA?

Schedule a road test either online or by calling 1-800-423-5542 .

Additionally, certain third-party businesses are certified by PennDOT to administer the road test for a market-driven fee.

How do you pass the parallel parking test in PA?



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How many tries do you get to parallel park in PA?

You have just one attempt to successfully park your vehicle using no more than three adjustments. Here are some tips for successful parallel parking: Stop even with the vehicle ahead and allow 2 feet between it and the passenger side of your vehicle.

How far in advance do you schedule a drivers test?

You will usually need to schedule the road test within a certain time frame, but the specifics will vary from state to state. As a general rule, plan to schedule an appointment no earlier than eleven weeks in advance and no later than one week in advance.