How Book Condition Is Measured?

How do you find the condition of a book?

Book Condition Guide

  • Fine/Like New (F) No defects, little usage.
  • Very Good (VG) Shows some signs of wear and is no longer fresh.
  • Good (G) The average used book with all pages present.
  • Fair (FR) Obviously well-worn and handled but no text pages are missing, however, it may be without endpapers or a title page.
  • Poor (P)

What is a good condition book?

Very Good (VG): Describes a book that shows some small signs of wear – but no tears – on either binding or paper. Any defects should be noted by the seller. Good (G): Describes the average used worn book that has all pages or leaves present. Any defects should be noted by the seller.

What does near fine book condition mean?

Thus the word “book” may be replaced by “dust jacket” in the following definitions: AS NEW; FINE: Without faults or defects. NEAR FINE: a book approaching FINE (or AS NEW) but with a couple of very minor defects or faults, which must be noted. VERY GOOD: A book showing some signs of wear.

What does dust jacket condition mean?

The dust jacket (sometimes book jacket, dust wrapper or dust cover) of a book is the detachable outer cover, usually made of paper and printed with text and illustrations. In addition to its promotional role, the dust jacket protects the book covers from damage.