How Book 5 Star Hotel Priceline?

How do you get the hotel on Priceline?

The initial pages on Priceline will show you hotels in your desired city.

These are priced at rates that may or may not be lower than what you can find booking directly with the hotels or some other travel company.

Click the “Name Your Own Price” option, and enter a bid amount for your desired hotel.6 Jun 2019

How do you get the best Priceline deals on hotels?

Search Express Deals first, then try this strategy that we heard directly from Priceline: “For hotels, travelers should find the lowest Express Deals hotel bid being offered, then take an additional 5 percent off and use that as their Name Your Own Price bid.19 Nov 2014

Can you still name your price on Priceline? ended its Name Your Own Price bidding service for car rentals Monday, as it did for flights in 2016. With the demise of Name Your Own Price for flights and cars, customers can opt to use Priceline’s Express Deals feature, which presents discounted rates with no bidding required.26 Mar 2018

Are Priceline Express hotel deals worth it?

All things considered, if you are looking for a cheap flight deal and are flexible on departure and return time frames, Priceline Express Deals are worth considering.15 Nov 2019