Southwest Airlines How Book Companion Pass Online?

After booking your flight, visit the My Trips section of your account.

Find your flight in the Upcoming section and click on Add Companion link.

Click Continue to proceed to the purchase screen and review your Companion information.

Click Purchase to complete your Companion’s flight reservation.

How do I book a companion pass on Southwest?

To qualify for the pass, you need to earn 125,000 Companion Pass qualifying points or fly 100 one-way flights per calendar year on Southwest Airlines, which must be earned and posted to your Rapid Rewards account. The 125,000 qualifying-point requirement is new for 2020.

How do you get a Southwest Companion Pass 2019?

You need to fly 100 one-way flights (within a calendar year) on Southwest to qualify for the Companion Pass. You need to earn 125,000 qualifying Southwest points within a calendar year for the Companion Pass, which you can do with the help of any Southwest personal credit card.

How do I check my companion on Southwest?

Southwest says: The Member and the Companion must check in together and, if asked, present the Companion Pass card at the Southwest Airlines’ Ticket Counter, Skycap podium, or Departure Gate in order for the Companion to travel.

Does companion pass get priority boarding?

You’ll also enjoy expedited security, a free drink coupon and earn 12 Rapid Rewards points per dollar spent. Since a companion’s travel isn’t eligible to earn Rapid Rewards points, the biggest benefit you’d want to transfer to your companion would be the priority boarding.

Is the Southwest Companion Pass worth it?

And if you don’t live near a city Southwest flies to, or don’t plan on flying with the airline very often, then you probably won’t get a lot of benefit from the Southwest Companion Pass. The benefits are only worthwhile if you can get a value equivalent to the annual fee from them.

How do you get a companion pass in 2020?

To qualify, simply fly 100 qualifying one-way flights or earn 125,000 qualifying points* in a calendar year, and you’ll earn Companion Pass for the following full calendar year, plus the remainder of the year in which you earned it. Learn more about how to earn tier status or Companion Pass for 2020.

Which southwest card is best?

Best Southwest Airlines Credit Cards of 2020

Recommended Cards Best For Annual Fee
Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card Most people $99
Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card Frequent flyers $149
Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Business Credit Card Business owners $99
Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card Frequent flyers $95

1 more row

How does Southwest Airlines Companion Pass work?

The Southwest Companion Pass is a pass that allows a Rapid Rewards member to add a second person (Companion) free of charge to any flight that they book with Southwest, as long as there is another seat available for purchase. The member only needs to pay the taxes and fees for the Companion.

Can I add companion pass to existing reservation?

As a Companion Pass holder, you can reserve a seat for your designated companion so long as you’re also ticketed on the same flight. It’s valid on new and existing reservations, including flights you booked prior to earning Companion Pass status.

How do I know if I have companion pass?

You do need to be logged in to access the Southwest Companion Pass status page. If you try to check the status page while not being logged in, Southwest’s website SHOULD bring up the login page and then redirect you to the Companion Pass status page.

How can I get cheap flights on Southwest?

Here are 18 insanely easy ways you can save money on Southwest Airlines flights, score discounted Southwest tickets, and even get free flights!

  • Join Rapid Rewards.
  • Get a Southwest Airlines Credit Card.
  • Buy Southwest Airlines Gift Cards at a Discount.
  • Subscribe to Click ‘N Save.
  • Upgrade to Business Select at the Airport.