Question: What Order To Read The Mitch Rapp Books?

What is The Mitch Rapp/American Assassin Series?

The Mitch Rapp books are about an undercover CIA counterterrorism agent and are recommended for mature audiences. Written by Vince Flynn until his death (Kyle Mills is now the author), the Mitch Rapp series is about stopping terrorist attacks on the United States.

The Mitch Rapp Chronological Reading Order:

Mitch Rapp is dispatched on a mission to assassinate a European industrialist who has been supplying highly sensitive equipment to one of the world’s most notorious terrorist sponsors; however, he has no idea that the ultimate target of this mission is his own assassination, which leads him to Paris and a deadly trap.
Mitch Rapp has been on the front lines of the war on terror for years, and his brave actions have saved thousands of lives, but his enemies have grown inexorably. Flynn returns to the secretive world of fearless Americans who must risk their lives for their country’s security.

In what order should I read the Mitch Rapp series?

Reading Order for Mitch Rapp’s Series

  1. American Assassin, 2010.
  2. Kill Shot, 2012.
  3. Transfer of Power, 1999.
  4. The Third Option, 2000.
  5. Separation of Power, 2001.
  6. Executive Power, 2003.
  7. Memorial Day, 2004.
  8. Consent to Kill, 2005.
  9. Memorial Day, 2004

Do you have to read Mitch Rapp in order?

If you enjoy reading exciting books, you should definitely read Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series, which is best read in chronological order to fully appreciate the journey.

What is the next Mitch Rapp book?

Total Power (19) (A Mitch Rapp Novel) Hardcover u2013 September 15, 2020. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. It’s a race against the clock when ISIS takes out the entire US power grid and throws the country into chaos in the next thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling Mitch Rapp series.

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Is Mitch Rapp based on a real person?

Mitch Rapp is a fictional character who first appeared in Vince Flynn’s novel Transfer of Power and in the film adaptation of American Assassin. Since Flynn’s death in 2013, Kyle Mills has continued the series.

How old is Mitch Rapp?

Mitch Rapp’s age is confirmed to be twenty-five on page 62 of Kill Shot.

What Vince Flynn book comes after the last man?

* Kyle Mills, who has taken over the series since Flynn’s death in 2013, wrote chapter one (approximately three pages) of The Survivor, which is a continuation of the Mitch Rapp series and a direct sequel to The Last Man.

Who writes Mitch Rapp novels?

What should I read after Vince Flynn? Join to get access to our best book recommendations. Mitch Rapp Series /: Who writes Mitch Rapp novels?

  • Mark Greaney’s The Gray Man.
  • Brad Thor’s The Lions of Lucerne.
  • Barry Eisler’s A Clean Kill in Tokyo.
  • Brad Taylor’s One Rough Man.
  • Daniel Silva’s The Mark of the Assassin.
  • David Baldacci’s The Camel Club.
  • Mark Dawson’s The Cleaner.
  • Donald Hamilton’s Death of a Citizen.

What is a third option?

The Third Option was a proposal made by Canadian Secretary of State for External Affairs Minister Mitchell Sharp in 1972 that would have reduced trade and cultural ties between Canada and the United States while allowing for more diversification of bilateral agreements.

Will Robie books in order?

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