How Many Survivors Books Are There? (Question)

The first book, The Empty City, was published on August 21, 2012, and was followed by a total of eleven further volumes produced between 2013 and 2019 in the same universe. There are two sub-series, each of which has six volumes in total.

How many survivors books are there altogether?

There are a total of six novels in this series.

Is survivors by Erin Hunter ending?

It’s time for the grand finale of this amazing journey! It is impossible to put down the sixth and final book in #1 bestselling author Erin Hunter’s Survivors: The Gathering Darkness series, which is a thrilling, action-packed conclusion that you will not want to miss.

What is Erin Hunter’s latest book?

Warriors: The Code that has been broken

  • Lost Stars (2019) (Baldry)
  • The Silent Thaw (2019) (Tui T. Sutherland)
  • Veil of Shadows (2020) (Baldry)
  • Darkness Within (2020
  • Cary)
  • The Darkness Within (2019)
  • The Place of No Stars (Baldry, 2021)
  • A Light in the Mist (Cary, 2021)

Is Erin Hunter a real person?

A group of four children’s authors, Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary, Victoria Holmes, and Tui T., use the pseudonym Erin Hunter to publish their work under the pen name Erin Hunter.

Who was the traitor in survivors?

Breeze, according to Gillian, is a chocolate Labrador Collie mix, with the majority of the Labrador in the mix. It was Breeze who betrayed the group, as revealed in The Exile’s Journey.

Who is Storm’s mate in survivors?

Arrow and his mate, Bella, are the only two dogs she knows who will never give up on her: they are the only canines she knows who will never give up on her. As she searches for them, Storm must overcome several obstacles in her quest to find a place where she can finally feel at home. In this suspenseful fifth novel in the second Survivors series, a devoted dog is forced to navigate the wilderness on her own.

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Will there be a Wings of Fire book 15?

Find out about all of the novels, as well as the author’s biography and more. One of the best-selling novels in the world, The Lost Continent Prophecy, is now available in a thrilling climax that will leave you breathless!

Does Warrior Cats have a movie?

Heyman said that the picture will be live-action, but that the warrior cats will be computer-generated, and that the film will most likely be distributed in 3-D. According to Gizmodo, the book series, which has sold more than 30 million books worldwide, has an official trailer that may provide some suggestions as to how the film may paw-sibly purr-gress in the near future.

How many warrior cats books are there 2021?

The major series consists of a total of six volumes in total.

How old is Tui T Sutherland now?

Sutherland was born in Venezuela and was given the name Tui T. Sutherland, which means “loud bird” in New Zealand. Erin Hunter is the pen name she uses to create the Warriors series, which she co-writes with Kate Cary, Victoria Holmes, and Cherith Baldry, all of whom are women.

Will there be another Warrior Cats series?

Seventh season of Warriors: The Broken Code, which includes the episodes Lost Stars (9 April 2019), The Silent Thaw (29 October 2019), Veil of Shadows (7 April 2020), Darkness Within (10 November 2020), The Place of No Stars (6 April 2021), and A Light in the Mist (9 April 2022). (9 November 2021).

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