How Book Railway Ticket From Mobile?

Is mobile ticket allowed in train?

You can now book your railway tickets on your mobile phone and show the SMS to the travelling ticket examiner as a proof.

Indian Railways has recently launched a new facility called ‘M-ticket’ that allows passengers to board a train without taking a printout of the booked ticket — the SMS is proof enough.20 Jan 2013

How do mobile tickets work?

A new technology called mobile ticketing delivers tickets right to your cell phone. You don’t even have to print them out. The tickets arrive as a text message with a special barcode. When you show up at the event, they’ll scan the barcode, and you’re in the door!

How do I reserve train tickets online?

A. To book train tickets online, log on to the EaseMyTrip website and click on the train tab. Search trains for your preferred route and date and then check availability. If your tickets are available, you can proceed to next step. If there is waiting list, you can still go for booking your train tickets.

How can I book ticket in Irctc?

  • Visit IRCTC website or mobile application.
  • Select “Connecting Journey Booking” main menu Trains’
  • Locate the trains for the desired journey.
  • Check the accommodation availability in train on train list page.
  • Click ‘Book Now’ button.
  • Enter the PNRs you wish to connect.

Can I buy ticket on train?

It is no longer possible to buy the full range of tickets on board a train. Like all train companies*, you must buy a ticket before you board, or risk getting a penalty fare. Also, we now have more ticket vending machines at stations, and of course you can buy from one of our friendly faces at the ticket office.

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Is photocopy of railway ticket valid?

Photocopy of a counter ticket is not acceptable but you have many other ways which will allow you to complete your journey. In case, you don’t have the message sent by IRCTC then also you can complete your journey by showing valid ID proofs to the TTE but you should know your berth no.

Will a screenshot of a ticket work?

When you attend events you’ll need to display your tickets on your mobile phone. Your barcode includes technology to protect it, so you won’t be able to use screenshots or print outs. When you view it in our App, your ticket will be automatically saved so it’s always ready.

Will a picture of a ticket scan?

The official answer is no. Photocopies of tickets are explicitly not allowed for access to shows. They may also need to send you a scan of the the credit card they used to purchase the tickets (they can block out all but the last 4 numbers).

Will Call tickets meaning?

Will call is a delivery method where you pick up your tickets at the venue’s box office on the day of your event. To pick up your tickets, you’ll need to show a government-issued ID along with the credit card used to purchase your tickets.

How can I download railway ticket?

How can I download train ticket from PNR?

  1. Enter PNR number and Mobile number.
  2. Click the search button.
  3. Your last bookings will be displayed.
  4. Click on Print Ticket option.
  5. After that you take the printout of your e-Ticket.
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How can I get confirm railway ticket?

Confirmtkt is a one-stop online destination to get confirmed train tickets for all your railway ticketing purposes. You can even predict PNR confirmation status after booking a train ticket and discover all the possible alternatives to get a confirmed train ticket for your railway ticket reservation.

How much would a train ticket cost?

City-to-city train tickets on Amtrak[3] typically cost $20-$400 one way, depending on total distance and how early tickets are booked.