How Book Railway Tatkal Ticket Online?

Can I book a tatkal ticket online?

Tatkal ticket is one of the most sought after booking for all the trains. Tatkal booking for every train opens 2 days in advance at 8 am. You can book tatkal e-ticket online at You can check the availability for all the train for tatkal quota also.

How can I book tatkal ticket in Irctc?

Go to the new IRCTC website and enter ‘from’, ‘to’ stations, date. Then choose class and click on find trains. Now, a list of trains will appear. Select the train and check the availability by choosing the tatkal option under the Quota section.2 Jul 2018

How can I book Tatkal ticket by mobile?

Steps to book a tatkal ticket from Mobile Phone:

Then login to the app, if not register for a new account. After that one screen will pop-up search for available tatkal trains. Once the booking open fill the address details and complete payment. Then your tatkal ticket booking will be confirmed.14 Feb 2017

How can I book Tatkal ticket online fast 2019?

Select Quota as ‘Tatkal’ to book the tatkal ticket. To check the availability and fare, click on ‘check availability & fare’ tab. It will show the fare according to the type of class which has been selected. To book the tatkal ticket in the selected train, click on the ‘Book Now’ button.22 Mar 2019

How many seats are there in Tatkal quota?

“The normal Tatkal quota gives about 10 reserved seats for AC-II, 16 for AC-III and 16 for AC Chair Car, besides 30 per cent of the sleeper class, which would be 24 out of 72 berths in every coach,” a senior Board official said, asking, “Is there room left for general waitlisted passengers in that case?

What is difference between Tatkal and premium Tatkal?

The main difference between Tatkal and Premium Tatkal is that Premium Tatkal is an Online Only service. Advance Reservation Period (ARP) of Premium Tatkal ticket booking is same as Tatkal ticket booking. Agents will not be allowed to book tickets in this quota. Dynamic fare shall be charged for confirm passengers.

What is the starting time of tatkal booking?


Why Tatkal tickets are not available?

It might have got exhausted or it may not have any seats/berths available for the quota you have been trying. Hence, you see “Not Available” status. However this situation doesn’t arise in Tatkal scheme. These quota things are available under normal reservation scenario.

How Tatkal tickets are booked?

You can get Tatkal ticket from PRS Counter from railway station or create an account on irctc. Login into the irctc website 5-10 minutes ago. You can booked only 4 Passengers per PNR for Tatkal tickets. 10:00am for AC ticket and 11:00am for Non-AC ticket on One days in advance.

Which extension is best for Tatkal booking?

IRCTC Tatkal Plus is the one of the best extension to book Tatkal Ticket.

Which payment option is best for Tatkal booking?

If you by heart Debit card numbers, this is the best option for Tatkal booking. Apart from this, the new IRCTC Rail Connect App has two payment options – 1. E-wallets (Mobikwik, PayU, IRCTC E-wallet) . Two – PayTm – PayTm wallet+ net banking+Debit/Credit card payment options.

How can I get tatkal ticket easily?

5 Tips to Book Quick Tatkal Tickets

  • Opt for the fastest internet connection you have access to. Improved internet connectivity ensures quicker opening of the IRCTC website, quicker search and thereby quicker payment and booking of ticket.
  • Login before the Tatkal peak hour.
  • Keep your passenger list ready.
  • Choose a fast payment method.
  • Don’t wait for OTP.