How Book Railway Retiring Room?

  • First please visit in your internet browser OR Search Retiring Room in Google.
  • Click on Accommodation, and then Click on “Railways Retiring Rooms”.
  • Now Enter Your PNR No.
  • After Making PNR Click On Search You will get the PNR details as Given below in the Page:

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How can I book railway retiring room?

Visit the official website of IRCTC Tourism at ( On the home page, click on “Retiring Room” tab. Select and book the retiring room of your choice. After the booking is done, the passenger will get a confirmation message.

Can I book retiring room at Station?

The facility of booking of retiring room is available only on Confirmed and RAC tickets. The Rooms can be booked 2 days in advance based on UTS tickets, Railway Passes and other travel authorities only on terminals at stations.

When should I book my retiring room?

As soon as you have booked a confirmed / RAC ticket, you can book Retiring Rooms — which means it is possible up to 120 days in advance, subject to vacancy.

How can I check retiring room availability?

  1. Log on to
  2. proceed to accommodation.
  3. go to retiring room.
  4. You will be able to see a link in red color which on clicking will provide you with the list of all stations with retiring room facility.
  5. You need not have PNR to check that .

What are the charges of retiring room?

IRCTC Service Charge of Rs. 20/- upto 24hrs for a Retiring Room and Rs. 10/- upto 24hrs for a Dormitory Bed and of Rs. 40/- from 24hrs to 48hrs for a Retiring Room and Rs.

Are railway retiring rooms safe?

Apart from being cheap , they are very safe . You will get a bed with clean sheets along with pillow and blanket. Also you can use the locker which is available provided you will have to use your own lock. The retiring rooms and dormitories are well maintained and fairly clean.

Can I stay with my girlfriend in railway retiring room?

So, till you are not doing anything illegal you can stay in irctc retiring room with your girl friend. (But both names must be booked in the same ticket carrying same PNR). end note: A man and a woman, who are unmarried, staying together in a hotel room are also not considered a part of our custom.

Can I book retiring room offline?

While the retiring rooms can be booked offline, IRCTC facilitates the online booking /cancellation of Railways Retiring Room. A passenger can book a Railway retiring room for a minimum duration of 3 Hrs, which can be extended till the maximum duration of 48 Hrs.

What is dormitory bed?

1. dormitory room – a large sleeping room containing several beds. dorm room, dormitory. bedchamber, bedroom, sleeping accommodation, sleeping room, chamber – a room used primarily for sleeping. Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection.