How Book Pages Are Spray Colored?

How do you color the edges of a book in pages?



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How do you spray book edges?

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Can you paint book pages?

The easiest type of book to paint is one that is hardcover and with straight edges. (Deckled edges are really hard to do. Paperbacks are a little more challenging to tape.) Kids acrylics might be a little too thin, and fancy paint is too thick, so your best bet is value-type craft paint that’s multipurpose!

Can you spray paint books?

Choose glitter spray paint, neon spray paint, or regular colors of spray paint. Cover the entire cover and back of the book, or tape off sections to spray designs onto the book.

What are sprayed edges?

Sprayed edges, for those not in the know, are when the edges of the book’s pages are dyed different colors, making the book block look extra fancy. These books really pop in photos, although you don’t see them when they’re lined up on the shelf spine out. Sprayed edges are like an extra colorful surprise!

What do you call the page edges of a book?

The fore edge is the vertical edge of the book opposite the spine, where the pages are unconnected. The hard front and back covers of a book are called the boards. This dates back to when they were made of wood. The pages at the beginning and end of a book are called the endpapers or the endsheets.