How Book Online Jio Sim?

Simple steps to get a New Jio SIM online

  • VERIFY NUMBER. Verify your number via OTP. Jio does not share these details with anyone.
  • SELECT PLAN. Choose between our prepaid and postpaid plans to get started. You can change your plan later.
  • SHARE DETAILS. We offer doorstep delivery and store pickup.

Can we buy Jio Sim online?

Visit And you can also book your first Jio SIM for free. Jio sim card buy online free home delivery With your chosen plan you will get your door to your Jio Sim plan. Your Jio 4g SIM will be activated immediately without any problems.

Can I choose my Jio mobile number?

JIO gives you ability to search for numbers from the availability lot. So you can ask various combinations of a prefered number. You can ask for a number that contains 4567 and it will show all available numbers with 4567.

What is the price of Jio SIM?

Jio Rs. 509, Rs. 799 plans

Price Daily data allowance Total data (1GB/day)
Rs. 149 1GB per day 28GB
Rs. 198 1.5GB per day 42GB
Rs. 299 2GB per day 56GB
Rs. 349 1GB per day 70GB

7 more rows

10 Jan 2018

Where can I buy a Jio SIM?

Using the Jio Website. Go to in a web browser. If you’re using a web browser, you can order your Jio SIM on this website. If you ordered a phone directly from Jio’s website (and SIM home delivery is available in your location), you’ll receive an email containing a link you can use to purchase a SIM.16 Feb 2020

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Is New Jio SIM free?

Getting a Jio SIM is completely free. However, you need to activate an applicable plan at the time of collecting the SIM card. You can pay the JIO representative using cash or credit/debit card.

Is Jio Sim Delivery free?

In a first for the telecom industry, Reliance Jio has decided to offer free home delivery of their SIM Cards, across 600 Indian cities. However, this offer is valid only for selected Indian cities. Under the special offer for JioFi 4G hotspot, users can get 100% cashback, while exchanging their old dongle with JioFi.

How can I choose my lucky mobile number?

Tips To Select Lucky Mobile Number. First, write down your Birth Date. Now add all number digits to a single digit. For Example, if your birth date is 07/09/1980 then add all number digits 7+9+1+9+8+0 =34=7.

How can I change my Jio SIM without number?

Just type PORT <space> your phone number and send to 1900. You will then get a message with a Unique porting code. Take this code along with your Aadhar number to the nearest jio retailer. It may take 10–30 minutes before you get your new jio sim.

How can I get Jio SIM free?

Just follow these steps on a qualifying smartphone to get Reliance Jio SIM:

  1. Download & Open MyJio App from Play Store.
  2. Tap on Get Jio SIM on the Banner.
  3. Tap on Agree & Get Jio offer.
  4. Select your location from the drop down.
  5. Read through the steps and click on Next.
  6. Offer Code can be viewed on the screen.
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Which Jio recharge is best?

  • 1.5 GB/DAY PACKS. PLANS. VALIDITY. BENEFITS. ` 2121. 336 days. 504 GB. View Details. i. Unlimited Voice.
  • 1 GB/DAY PACKS. PLANS. VALIDITY. BENEFITS. ` 149. 24 days. 24 GB. View Details. i.
  • 2 GB/DAY PACKS. PLANS. VALIDITY. BENEFITS. ` 599. 84 days. 168 GB. View Details. i.
  • 3 GB/DAY PACKS. PLANS. VALIDITY. BENEFITS. ` 349. 28 days. 84 GB. View Details. i.

Is Jio Sim still free?

Until April 15 you can use the Jio SIM for free but after that you must subscribe to a postpaid plan or do a prepaid recharge. Although the reason why we use probability is because with Jio nothing is certain. It is offering 4G services for free for the last 6 months!

Is Aadhaar card mandatory for Jio SIM?

For new Jio SIM activation, you can bring original Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA) document (Example – Aadhaar, Voter ID, Passport, Driving license) to the nearest Jio stores or Reliance Digital / Dx Mini or Jio retailer.