How Book Movie Tickets In Online?

How do online movie tickets work?

You bring the code in either printed out or on your phone and they scan that as your ticket.

You can generally print a ticket, get a text/email sent to your phone, or pick up a ticket at the theater with the credit card you used to pay online.

Then you walk in with whatever method of ticket you decided to use.

Which is the best website to book movie tickets?

Top 5 Sites to book movie tickets online

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25 Oct 2014

How do you pre book movie tickets?



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Is it cheaper to book Cineworld tickets online?

Book online

An easy way to cut the cost is to book your tickets online with Cineworld – register for an online account and you save 10% on all tickets you book online. You can then choose to print the tickets off at the cinema, or simply show your e-ticket (sent via email or text message) when you arrive.16 Jan 2017

How do I get my movie ticket if I bought it online?

There actually are simple when you pay online you should get either a QR code which is a box that the person who takes tickets can scan or a code that either they or the cashier can enter and print out the ticket. You can also have the cashier print out the ticket.

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Is it cheaper to buy movie tickets online?

Buying your movie tickets online might make things really convenient, but that convenience will cost you. Most online booking sites will charge you a fee to buy tickets online, so it’s always best to go a little early and buy the tickets from the actual box office. Currently that fee will cost you $1.42 per ticket.

How do I get free buy one get one tickets?

Select the city, movie, cinema, show date, show time and seats of your choice. Confirm the details by providing your e-mail ID and mobile number. Proceed to the Order Summary Page and select “ICICI Bank Buy 1 Get 1” offer from the Discounts & Offers section. Enter the details and click “Apply” to avail the discount.

How can I get free movie tickets online?

Go to Topmasala Offer Page to Win Free Movie Tickets

  1. Go to Topmasala Offer Page to Win Free Movie Tickets.
  2. Enter your Name and City.
  3. Select Your Movie for FREE Ticket.
  4. Enter Mobile Number and Email Address to receive your Free ticket.
  5. Check & agree that you have entered correct information.

How can I get cheap movie tickets?

Here are 15 ways to save on movie tickets.

  • Watch for Free Movie Ticket Offers. Brand New Images/Getty Images.
  • Attend a Free Screening.
  • Go to the Movies on a Weekday.
  • Go to a Drive-In Theater.
  • Go Early for Cheaper Movie Tickets.
  • Work Your Memberships.
  • Buy Your Movie Tickets in Bulk.
  • Enter Sweepstakes to Win Movie Tickets.

When can you pre book cinema tickets?

Cinema tickets – You can purchase cinema tickets on the day or in advance for any film ODEON is screening, as soon as they are on sale via the ODEON website, mobile apps and at the box office. Films are put on sale each Tuesday afternoon for the coming week.

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How do I book a ticket and pay later?

IRCTC train ticket booking: Now you can book tickets and pay

  1. Log in to IRCTC account.
  2. Enter journey details to book your ticket.
  3. On the payment page, there will be an option of choosing ‘Pay Later’ option.
  4. If you click on the ‘Pay Later’ option, you will be redirected to the ePayLater.
  5. You need to log in to ePay Later website using your registered mobile number.

How many days before movie ticket can be booked?

Cinemas usually open bookings for tickets 2-3 days prior to the release date of a movie. However, it varies from cinema to cinema. As soon as cinemas open bookings for tickets from their end and made them available on, such bookings will also be available on Amazon.