How Book Lovers Misunderstand Konmari?

What does Marie Kondo say about books?

Marie Kondo and the fantasy of a tidy life, explained

Kondo does suggest that your books will probably spark more joy if you get rid of the ones you have always vaguely planned to read or reread and probably never will.

She also sincerely doubts that you will ever reread any of your books.17 Jan 2019

How do you declutter books by Marie Kondo?

If you feel like you are ready to tackle books, here are the steps to decluttering your books using the KonMari method.

  • Step 1: Gather and label boxes.
  • Step 2: Remove all books and place upon the floor.
  • Step 3: Take each book in your hand and see if it sparks joy.
  • Step 4: Unread books count too.
  • Step 5: Discard and organize.

Did Marie Kondo say 30 books?

Kondo said in an interview. The 34-year-old guru known as KonMari said she wrote in one of her books that she had about 30 books left after she organized her own bookshelf, but she didn’t mention the number on the Netflix show.1 Feb 2019

How does Marie Kondo sort books?



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Tidying with KonMari: Books & Papers | Marie Kondo & The Life


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Should I throw away my books?

Recycle. If your books are so decrepit that no one can have a good use for them, it may be time to throw them away. If you do want to throw your books away, recycling is the best and most environmentally-friendly option.

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How do you declutter a book collection?

How to Declutter Books (Tips + Before & After) | Minimalist Home

  1. Decide where your books will live and give them boundaries. [00:51]
  2. Get rid of books you don’t regularly re-read. [03:18]
  3. Be deliberate about the books you want to display. [03:55]
  4. Give unread books their own home. [05:34]
  5. Say goodbye to reference books. [06:34]
  6. Consider switching to e-books. [07:11]

What are the KonMari categories?

The KonMari Method in 5 Steps

Categories (in order): Clothes first, then books, papers, komono (miscellany), and lastly, mementos.

How do you store a lot of books in a small space?

Book storage ideas: 19 brilliant ways to keep your reads neat

  • Go for Scandi-style shelving for a neat look.
  • Choose a leaning bookcase for small spaces.
  • Transform your hallway into a library.
  • Make sorting books easy with a labelled bookcase.
  • Create a contemporary look with cube storage.
  • Create a statement bookshelf wall with paint.
  • Choose a bookcase that doubles up as a console table.

Where can I store my kids books?

Here are eight fun and original ways to display all of those colorful children’s book covers!

  1. Narrow Book Ledge. via Carine Kaurin.
  2. Tree Bookshelf. Available for $2,800 from Design Artist.
  3. IKEA Hack: Spice Rack Bookshelves.
  4. DIY Book Bin.
  5. Low-Lying Wooden Shelves.
  6. Newsstand-Style Corner Display Rack.
  7. Bookcase City Playscape.