FAQ: What Is Molo Books To Borrow?

For information on the current operation of libraries, see their websites.

You can borrow books from a borrowing counter or from self-service borrowing stations (on SCI, ARTS, PED, ECON, and FSS).


Students and employees can register for the library for free online or in person at any of the faculty libraries. Registration for external (non-university) users is valid for 12 months from the date of registration, with the option to renew.

Basic Information on the Borrowing

Library items are divided into in-house (prezencznu00ed, only to study-room) and absence (absenu010dnu00ed), with the latter being available for borrowing at home. For registered readers, MU libraries also provide access to books from libraries outside of Brno.


On some faculties, you can use a bibliobox to return borrowed books; if you do not return the borrowed book by the deadline, you must pay a fine, which varies depending on the type of borrowing (the shorter the loan, the higher the fine).

What does it mean to borrow a book?

Borrow means to take something and use it temporarily; for example, you can borrow a book from the library, borrow $20 from your mother, or borrow an idea from a friend. Borrow usually implies taking something and returning it later.

How can I borrow ebooks for free?

You can borrow and lend Kindle titles for 14 days on Amazon’s BookLending.com and Lendle, and you can get free e-books to keep forever at Open Library, Project Gutenberg, Free-ebooks.net, and Google’s Reader Store.

What is it called when you borrow a book from a library?

In the United States, we frequently use the word ‘loan.’ The book is on loan, and the patron borrowed it from the library.

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How many ebooks can you borrow?

If you sign up for Open Library, you can borrow up to five titles at a time for 14 days each and read them in a Web browser, as a PDF, or as an ePub file (which can be converted for many ereaders using Calibre).

Can I borrow examples?

Will you see if we can borrow a cup of sugar from the neighbors? I’m borrowing a friend’s car for the weekend; he borrowed the book from the library; she borrowed $20 from me.

Can I borrow eBooks from any library?

You can borrow titles from any library if you have a library card for it, and your library may have a partnership with another library or consortium that allows you to borrow titles from the partner’s collection using your regular library card.

Is open library legal?

They are displaying and distributing full-text copies of copyrighted books to the entire world without authorization, in flagrant violation of copyright law, according to the Internet Archive. They do not limit Open Library to people with print disabilities.

Is there a free online library?

The Internet Archive has the largest free online library, with over three million texts and over a million (each) of video and audio recordings. The Internet Archive also has the largest repository of archived web pages, dating back to 1996, thanks to its Way Back Machine.

Do you lend or borrow books?

Borrow and lend both have’reciprocal’ meanings: lend is what the person who gives the book does, and borrow is what the person who receives the book does. (Both imply that the borrower will eventually return the book to the lender.) The borrower is usually the one who expresses gratitude to the lender.

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What is the process of borrowing a book from another library?

It has an office where you can borrow what you need from another library; this is known as interlibrary loan, or ILL. Libraries do, in fact, borrow books from each other.

Can you borrow a book from the Library of Congress?

When material is not readily available from other sources, the Library of Congress provides book loans, periodical article electronic copies, and newspaper microfilm loans; however, not every item in the LC catalog is actually held in the collection, and not everything in the collection can be lent or copied.

How long can you borrow an eBook from the library?

The lending period for an eBook or eAudiobook is 21 days, but you can reduce the checkout time to 7 or 14 days if you don’t need the full 21 days.

How long can you borrow a book on OverDrive?

You can borrow eBooks and audiobooks from Overdrive or Libby for seven, fourteen, or twenty-one days, depending on your preference. You can also set a default lending period for all items in a given format.

How many books can I borrow with Libby?

Is there a limit to how many titles I can check out at one time? You can check out up to 25 titles at once.

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