Why Was Jonas So Surprised To See All The Books In The Office?

What caused Jonas to be so taken aback by the sheer number of books in the office? With the exception of a dictionary, a community map, and a Rules book, he’d never seen a book before. Was there anything specific the Receiver wanted Jonas to remember? world.

  • Jonas was taken aback by the sheer number of books in the office since he had no idea that there were any more books available other the ones he had previously seen. Was this page helpful in answering your question?

What does Jonas realize when he sees the books at the receiver’s office?

What does Jonas realize when he walks inside the Receivers’ office and sees the books? He had never met or seen them before.

What was Jonas first surprise?

What was Jonas’ initial surprise when he came at the training facility for the first time? That the Receiver was assisted by a Secretary

Why were Jonas instructions so shocking?

There is no time set out for leisure activities in Jonas’ instructions, and what is even more astonishing to Jonas is that some of the instructions are in direct conflict with the rules that he has followed his whole life.

What memories did the receiver want Jonas to have?

In what memories did the Receiver wish Jonas to be able to look back on? Memories of the people in the community.

Did the Giver ever get married?

Yes, the Giver is married, but he no longer communicates with or interacts with his wife or partner. She shares a home with the other childless people in their neighborhood.

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Why is Jonas shocked at the end of Chapter 10?

What caused Jonas to be so taken aback at the conclusion of chapter 10? He couldn’t believe how ancient the Receiver had turned out to be. He was instructed by the Receiver to keep their meetings a secret.

Does Jonas father really know what release is?

He is overtaken with sorrow and horror as he learns what the true meaning of release is. He bursts into tears and refuses to return home to his family, knowing full well that his father deceived him about what would happen to the new kid. He can’t believe that his companion Fiona is able to dispatch the Old with such efficiency when they are liberated.

Who does Jonas’s father say will take the released baby?

After realizing what he has discovered, Jonas is overtaken with agony and dread. As soon as he realizes that his father lied to him about what would happen to the new child, he bursts into tears and refuses to return to his family. The fact that his buddy Fiona is so effective at killing the Old when they are unleashed is beyond his comprehension.

What is the surprising revelation at the end of Chapter 20?

What is the shocking surprise that occurs at the conclusion of Chapter 20? That Rosemary is the daughter of The Givers. Is it possible that Jonas’ first escape plot was successful? No, everything came crashing down, and he was compelled to depart because of the plan to free Gabe the next day.

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What is Jonas seeing in Fiona’s hair and the apple and the sled?

Fiona’s hair, the expressions on people’s faces in the crowd, and the sled? Jonas discovers that he has begun to perceive hues such as red. as well as why there were no disparities in persons other than their gender and their work assignments, The concept of “sameness” is thought to have originated long ago, when the Creator had not yet been created and wished for everyone to appear the same.

Why is Jonas allowed to lie in the giver?

The fact that he will never be able to seek for release does not disturb Jonas, who is bothered by the regulation that permits him to lie about his circumstances. From an early age, he has been taught to use words correctly and never to tell a falsehood.

Why was Asher punished in the giver?

What was the reason for punishing Asher for mistaking the phrases “snack” and “smack”? Small toddlers were tasked with the most difficult duty of all: precision in language. What does this penalty tell about the people who live in this community? You are given your life Assignment, and it is the final rite, after which you are deemed an adult.

What does the receiver call Jonas when he greets him?

Even though Jonas does not enjoy the experience, he finds it intriguing. When he leaves, he inquires of the Receiver as to what he should address him as now that he, Jonas, has been appointed as the new Receiver. The Receiver, exhausted from their day’s labour, instructs them to refer to him as the Giver.

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What did The Giver turn off that surprised Jonas?

The speaker in the Giver’s room has an on/off switch, while none of the other speakers have. This gives him the ability to switch off the speaker whenever he needs to be alone. Jonas is taken aback by the fact that the speakers of ordinary folks are left on at all times so that the Elders can observe their activities.

Does Jonas get released in The Giver?

He is not the sole member of the community who is unable to be freed; rather, he is the only member of the community who can and will be liberated. As well, Jonas has already been freed from the shackles placed on him by his community, and his Assignment as the Receiver was the same thing that allowed him to be free of his captors.

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