Where Can I Buy Vox Books? (Solution found)

  • It is possible to purchase books in two ways: directly from the Kobo Vox and through your computer. Kobo Vox (Kobo Voices): Shop Kobo may be accessed from the Home screen. In order to shop, you must have a Wi-Fi connection.

Can you purchase Vox books?

VOX Books are exclusively available for purchase by libraries and educational institutions.

How do Vox books work?

In the realm of audio books, VOX Books are the first audio books that are also available as print books. The VOX Reader, which is permanently connected to the book, converts a regular print book into a complete read-along experience. To listen and read, children just press a button on the device.

How do you charge Vox books?

Use the built-in speaker located above the control panel, or connect earbuds to the jack located on the left side of the device. To recharge, just put the provided wall charger into the earphone/charging connector and plug it into a standard wall socket to begin charging.

How long do Vox books take to charge?

1. Before you begin, charge your Kobo Vox eReader for at least two hours by connecting it to a wall outlet with the power cord that was included.

What is playaway audio?

Playaway is a pre-loaded audiobook that provides customers with the mobility and flexibility to listen to audiobooks at their leisure, from any location at any time. Everything from bestsellers to new releases can be circulated easily, and it helps customers bring more books into their lives every year. It also promotes literacy and helps patrons introduce more books into their lives every year.

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What are Wonder books?

A Wonderbook is a print book that has audio material that has been pre-loaded and is bonded into the cover. Enjoy listening to your favorite stories without having to bother about any additional technological equipment.

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