What To Read After Bob Books?

Books to Read Following the BOB Books

  • Antoinette Portis’s poem, “Not a Stick and Not a Box,” is available online. You Are (Not) a Small Person! Anna Kang’s boxed set is available now. Try You Are (Not) Small initially if you wish to take a tentative step into the world of fantasy. Today Is Monday, by Eric Carle
  • My Favorite Bear, by Andrea Gabriel
  • Today Is Monday, by Eric Carle (e) The word “e” refers to the letter “e” in the Greek alphabet. MAMA CAT HAS THREE KITTENS, written by Denise Fleming.
  • Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is a classic and general audience favorite that may be read after the BOB books.

What grade level are Bob Books?

Suitable for children in preschool through second grade (and an excellent way to get your child ready for kindergarten), each book in the series has a fun, easy tale as well as vibrant images that will inspire your child to become an ardent reader in no time.

Are Bob books good for reading?

In order to teach children to read, Bob Books employ a step-by-step method, with each set of books concentrating on a certain stage in the learning to read process. It is illustrated with extremely simple line drawings, with hilarious characters and straightforward plot lines, which my sons found to be quite appealing. It’s an excellent method of pacing each new phase of reading for children.

What age is Bob Books for?

I would suggest BOB Books to everyone who has a child between the ages of three and eight.

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What level is Bob Books Set 1?

The paperback version of Level B, Set 1 (re-titled Bob Books Set 3- Word Families) was released on April 1, 2000, in a box set format. Find out about all of the novels, as well as the author’s biography and more.

What reading level is Bob Books Set 4?

Bob Books: Bob Books – Complex Words Box Set Phonics, Ages 4 and Up, Kindergarten, First Grade (Stage 3: Developing Reader) (Series #04) Bob Books: Bob Books – Complex Words Box Set Phonics, Ages 4 and Up, Kindergarten, First Grade (Stage 3: Developing Reader) (Paperback)

What order should I teach Bob Books?

The following is a complete list of the Bob Book Original Sets: Miniature Books (in progressive reading order.)

  1. Pre-reading skills in My First Bob Books Alphabet.
  2. Set 1 Beginning Readers.
  3. Set 2 Advancing Beginners.
  4. Sight words in Kindergarten.
  5. First stories.
  6. Rhyming Words.
  7. Set 3 Word Families.
  8. My First Bob Books Alphabet.

Are Bob Books Montessori?

BOB books are a popular starting point for many Montessori teachers, and I used them myself for my first kid. With only CVC words and a handful of sight words in the beginning volumes, they are suitable for novice readers who are just learning to read independently.

Do Bob Books teach phonics?

Bob Books is a real first reader series, created to make the process of teaching your kid to read as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Learning to read becomes a joyful and natural step for a youngster who already knows the alphabet because of the clean layout, small words, and straightforward phonics.

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How many Bob Book collections are there?

All five of the Bob Book sets are included.

What is a 1st grade reading level?

A first grader should be able to read at a level ranging from 3 to 12. Higher reading levels suggest that they are at or near the top of their class, but there is always space for more improvement. In rare instances, your child’s performance may fall below or exceed the range.

How many books in Bob Books Set 2?

Books in Bob Books Set 2 give more material for your new reader at the starting level than books in Bob Books Set 1. These twelve stories, written in three- and four-letter words, will help you gain confidence as you practice reading them.

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