How To Recover Nook Books? (Solution found)

What is the best way to organize books in my nook library?

  • Your NOOK Library categorizes and organizes your digital stuff into categories such as Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Apps, Catalogs, and more. To see all of the categories in a certain category, click on the “See All” link next to it. Find the title you want to archive and then click on the Settings button in the lower left corner of the image to bring up the archive settings window.

How do I get my books back on my NOOK?

On NOOK for Android, iOS, and most tablet mobile devices, slide down on the Library screen to Refresh Your Library, then swipe up on the Library screen. A refresh indicator will display for a limited period of time, indicating that your library is synchronizing. Having difficulties accessing eBooks? (Refresh your library’s content.)

  1. Select Library from the drop-down menu. Tap the menu symbol. Tap Refresh.

Why did my NOOK Library disappear?

If your Library is empty or if any NOOK Books are missing, please contact us. Turning your smartphone off and then back on is a good way to start. If the problem persists, try signing out of the NOOK Reading App and then signing back in to resolve it.

Will I lose my NOOK books?

If you lose your NOOK or your reading device, you will not be charged for any NOOK purchases you have previously made. You have the ability to re-download your NOOK Books from your account as many times as you need to devices associated with your account. If, on the other hand, you choose to remove a NOOK Book from your NOOK Library, you will be required to repurchase that book.

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Where did my NOOK books go?

Your NOOK Library is accessible at any time by logging into, your NOOK Reading App, or your NOOK device using your account information. Sign in to your NOOK Library on by clicking on the following link: My NOOK Library. To go to your library, go to the Navigation Menu and pick the My Library option from the drop-down menu.

Why did my NOOK stopped working?

If the device does not turn on after 20 seconds of pressing and holding the power button and the NOOK button at the same time, replace the battery. It is advised that you try charging your NOOK again using a different outlet and USB connection if your device does not power on after charging.

What do I do if I lost my NOOK?

Please notify Customer Service immediately if your NOOK is lost or stolen by calling toll-free 1-800-THE-BOOK (800-843-2665) or by clicking here and selecting one of the Contact Us options in the lower left corner of this page to have the device deregistered from your account.

How do I access NOOK Cloud?

NOOK HD/HD+ – Make the Switch to the Cloud

  1. To access the submenu from the Library screen, choose the submenu icon in the lower left corner of the screen. When the submenu displays, select Move Items to NOOK Cloud from the drop-down option. The items can be selected by tapping on the main group or on individual items from the subgroup. Once the appropriate items have been selected, click Move to NOOK Cloud from the menu.
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How do I get my NOOK library back on my iPad?

Tap the submenu symbol in the lower left corner of the screen to get to the Library screen. Then choose Move Items to NOOK Cloud from the submenu that displays. The items can be chosen by tapping on the main group or on individual items from the subgroup. Tap Move to NOOK Cloud once the things you want have been chosen.

  1. On your iPad’s Home screen, launch the Nook application. If a popup displays, type in your Nook login email address and password. Hold your breath until your Nook’s home screen loads. To sync the page, click on the teal “Sync” sign in the upper-right corner. Wait for your Nook to finish synchronizing.

Is Barnes and Noble getting rid of NOOK?

Update: Barnes & Noble has suddenly removed all of the product listings for the Nook tablets off their website entirely. They are also marked as “discontinued” on the Amazon marketplace.

Do you keep Nook books forever?

DRM refers to the fact that when you purchase a NOOK Book from your NOOK or from, you retain ownership of that copy in perpetuity, unless you choose to remove it from your online digital library. You are able to read it, but others are unable to do so. If you purchase Digital Content through Barnes, it will be saved in, or accessible from, your NOOK Library on that website.

How long will a Nook last?

The battery in your NOOK has the juice to last up to 6 weeks of casual reading when it is fully charged and the Wi-Fi is switched off. (When using GlowLight at 30 percent brightness and with wifi turned off, a single charge can last up to 6 weeks based on 30 minutes of reading each day and one page refresh per minute.)

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Why are my NOOK books not downloading?

You might try the following if you’re experiencing trouble downloading eBooks with the NOOK Reading App for Android: It is possible that a default payment method has not been set up for your NOOK account. On, you can add or pick a default payment method, and then attempt downloading your books once more.

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