How To Make Moonshine Books? (Correct answer)

Distilling Books for Making Moonshine: The Best of the Best

  1. Making Pure Corn Whiskey – A Professional Guide For Amateur and Micro Distillers by Ian Smiley
  2. The Complete Distiller (2nd Edition) – by Mike Nixon and Mike McCaw
  3. Making Pure Corn Whiskey – A Professional Guide For Amateur and Micro Distillers by Ian Smiley
  4. Making Pure Corn Whiskey – A Professional Guide For Amateur and Micro Distillers by Ian Smiley Making Fine Spirits – by Zymurgy Bob
  5. Designing and constructing automated stills – by Riku
  6. Making Fine Spirits – by Zymurgy Bob

What is a decent moonshine recipe to follow?

  • One serving of this Margarita Moonshine recipe requires about five minutes of total preparation time and delivers one serving. You’ll need the following items to make this dish: The following ingredients: 1 ounce of lime juice, 1/2 ounce of orange juice, a teaspoon of granulated sugar, 1 ounce of moonshine (or other spirit of choice), ice, a lime wedge, sea salt or margarita salt

How do you make moonshine from scratch?


  1. Start by heating up your mash pot and adding five gallons of water to it. Heat the water to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 165 degrees Fahrenheit should be reached. Remove from fire and quickly whisk in 8.5 pounds of flaked corn maize. Continue to stir the mixture for another 7 minutes.

Is homemade moonshine illegal?

Home moonshining is illegal in the majority of states; nevertheless, state legislation may clash with federal legislation. However, federal law takes precedence over state law, thus distilling at home for personal use is considered unlawful by the federal government.

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Why is homemade moonshine illegal?

So, why is moonshine still prohibited in the United States? Because liquor is worth more to the government than beer or wine, it is taxed more heavily. A family of two people is now permitted to produce 200 gallons of wine and the equivalent quantity of beer each year, according to government regulations. (A number of states have passed legislation outlawing the practice.)

What kind of corn is used for moonshine?

Even though sweet corn is used to manufacture bourbon, the kind that is normally purchased at a grocery store for consumption as corn on the cob, frozen corn, or canned corn is the type that is typically purchased for consumption as corn on the cob. It is available in white, yellow, and coloured variations, although in grocery shops, it is commonly just referred to as “corn” regardless of the variety.

Is it difficult to make moonshine?

Moonshine is a high proof grain alcohol that is created at home and is not aged, with a level of around 190 proof. The process of making moonshine from scratch, beginning with a corn mash and continuing through distillation, is time-consuming and illegal without a license. The procedure is roughly the same for most fruit-flavored moonshine recipes, regardless of their complexity.

How much alcohol percentage is moonshine?

Moonshine typically has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40 percent, although it can sometimes have an ABV of 60 percent to 80 percent. The percentage of alcohol in a drink may be converted to proof by multiplying it by two. As a result, 40% ABV is equal to 80 proof. The distillation process is critical in determining the amount of alcohol present in a spirit.

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Can you use cracked corn for moonshine?

In order to make moonshine, what kind of corn should I use? When it comes to making moonshine, cracked, dry yellow maize is our preferred variety to work with. This sort of corn is referred to as field corn, and it must be clean and of high quality for human use. It is preferable to use air dried corn rather than gas dried corn for baking.

What type of alcohol is moonshine?

For purists, the spirit is defined as a handmade, unaged whiskey distinguished by its clear color, corn-based basis, and high alcohol concentration, which can reach as high as 190 proof in some instances. Tradition dictated that it be manufactured in a home-made still and then packaged in a mason jar.

How much is a gallon of moonshine worth?

The sugar and wheat used in the production of moonshine cost around $8 per gallon. If sold in bulk, the selling price is around $25 per gallon; if sold retail, the price is approximately $40 per gallon.

Can you distill moonshine for personal use?

People today manufacture artisan moonshine out of a sense of nostalgia and a desire for a particular flavor profile. These can be purchased from liquor stores or produced only for home consumption. However, distilling alcohol in one’s house, even for personal consumption, is prohibited under federal law. These facilities produced legal moonshine for the purpose of sale and distribution.

What states is it legal to make moonshine for personal use?

Moonshining that is “legal” In contrast to Florida’s home distilling rules, certain states’ home distilling laws allow for “legal” moonshining, despite the fact that it is unlawful under federal law. Alaska, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Rhode Island are among the states that have ratified the treaty.

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Why is moonshine called white lightning?

South Carolina Encyclopedia | White lightning, a white whiskey manufactured illegally and covertly in large amounts in South Carolina, was previously widely available. It was given its name because of the color of the plant and the kick it gives off when ingested.

Is store bought moonshine the same?

This is a word that is commonly used to describe any alcoholic beverage that has been unlawfully produced. When it comes down to it, moonshine is just a high-proof alcohol with a distinctive flavor. Store-bought moonshiners are not accepted as genuine by true moonshiners.”

Is moonshine the strongest alcohol?

In terms of proof, what is the highest proof moonshine? The maximum proof moonshine you can create with distillation will be 191 proof, according to the manufacturer (95.5 percent ABV). This is due to the fact that alcohol begins to absorb moisture from the air at concentrations more than 96 percent ABV, resulting in the dilution of your moonshine quickly.

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