How To Grade Comic Books Yourself? (Solved)

If you want to assess a comic book, start by looking at the cover with a magnifying glass, looking for features such as creases or fingerprints. After that, look for minor rips or folds in the spine, as well as a spine break, which is a tear around the staples. Once you’ve finished verifying the cover, go through the comic and count the pages to make sure there aren’t any missing.
How do you go about getting your comics graded?

  • How to Get Your Comic Books Graded in the Most Convenient Ways Take your comics to a larger convention to gain more exposure. On-site signature verification and comic book grading are provided by both CGC and CBCS at most major conventions, where they may also accept your comics for grading. This option saves you the time and effort of packaging, shipping, and insuring your comic books only to get them to their destination.

How do you determine comic book grade?

The grading of comic books is based on a scale of one to ten:

  1. 1-1.5 = poor to fair negative
  2. 2.0-3.5 = fair to very good minus
  3. 4.0-5.5 = very good to fine minus
  4. 6.0-7.5 = fine to very fine minus
  5. 8.0-9.5 = very fine plus
  6. 9.0 = very fine/near mint minus
  7. 9.2 = near mint minus

Is it worth getting comic books graded?

The majority of comics from the 1980s are overprinted and quite simple to come by, even in high grades. The odds are that your current comic looks like a 9.6 or worse and isn’t worth putting in for grading are slim to nonexistent. The majority of newer books would require a CGC score of 9.8 or above in order to be considered worthwhile of your time and money.

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What is a 9.8 comic?

Grades for comic books are assigned on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best condition and one being worst. Until recently, only a handful of graded comics had ever gotten a perfect score. As a result, a 9.8 is regarded to be the highest possible score.

What is considered a high grade comic?

Grades for comic books are assigned on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best condition and 1 being the worst. Only a handful of graded comics have ever scored a perfect 10 out of a possible 10. Consequently, a 9.8 is regarded as being the highest possible score on the test.

How do I get a CGC rating?

How to Submit a Submission to the CGC

  1. Become a member of the CGC. As a paying member, you will have full submission privileges as well as additional valuable services, such as 24/7 online tracking, free graded remarks for your entries, and more. Make a decision on your services. Submit your submission using the Submission Form. Collectibles should be packaged and sent properly.

Is Cbcs as good as CGC?

Which Is Better, the CGC or the CBCS? The costs charged by CBCS are marginally less expensive than those charged by CGC, and its response times are often significantly faster. Submissions to CGC, rather than CBCS, are recommended for contemporary books (those published after 1974), as CGC modern books retain their worth in the marketplace far better.

How much does CGC increase value?

Only a few instances, but it’s clear how the CGC effect affects the value of comic books when they are on the market. A CGC graded issue of a book can sell for three to four times the price of a raw copy of the same book in the same grade, depending on the book’s rarity and popularity.

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What does pressing a comic book mean?

When a comic book is pressed, it can have its look improved by removing non-color breaking faults such as dents, bends, crunches, rippling, warping, spine rolls, and indentations that would otherwise be visible. CCS is the industry leader in the production of comic books.

What is CGC census?

In addition to giving the overall number of CGC-certified instances in each grade for each issue, the CGC Census provides a full report on all of the comic books, periodicals, and lobby cards that have been graded by CGC.

What is a spine tick?

Tick: A small color break that generally occurs around the staples on the spine of the book and is caused by the tension that is imposed on the book when it is opened.

Is 9.6 CGC good?

A 9.6 is still an excellent grade, and it can be obtained for less than the cost of a 9.8 in most cases. There is a noticeable difference between a high 9.8 and a high 9.6 on the IQ scale. The difficulty is the difference between a low 9.8 and a high 9.6 on the ten-point scale. Low 9.8s from CGC, in my opinion, are unacceptably low for the grade.

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