How To Gift Books On Audible? (Correct answer)


  1. Locate and select the audiobook you wish to purchase as a gift from the drop-down menu. On the desktop version of the website, choose More choices and then Give as a gift. Choose how you want to deliver your gift next – by email or as a downloadable card, for instance. Examine the information you’ve provided and decide how you’d want to pay for your present.

Is it possible to offer audio as a gift?

  • Although Audible no longer allows you to send individual audiobooks as gifts, you may still give a gift membership to the service. Subscription choices may be found by visiting the Audible Gift Center (which can be found by clicking the link or scrolling to the bottom of the Audible homepage).

How do you gift a book on Audible that you already own?

You may still offer an Audible subscription as a gift, despite the fact that you can’t donate individual audiobooks any more on the service. Subscription alternatives may be found in the Audible Gift Center (which can be accessed by clicking the link or scrolling to the bottom of the Audible homepage).

How many times can you gift a book on Audible?

If you are purchasing for someone who already has an Audible account, you will be able to offer them an additional 3, 6, or 12 credits to use at their discretion. One credit is the equivalent of one audiobook.

Can you gift an Audible book to a non member?

No, you don’t have any. Receiving an audiobook is open to everyone (both members and non-members). There is just one prerequisite for redeeming the audiobook: you must already have an account, or you must establish one in order to do so.

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Why can’t I send a book on Audible?

As of April 2021, the Send This Book initiative will no longer be available for participation. It was possible to send books to friends and relatives for free using the Send This Book function on the website. Even if a person does not have a membership, the first recommendation they receive can be redeemed and downloaded for free.

How do I gift an Audible book in India?


  1. Answer

How do I gift an audiobook on my Iphone?

Send a present to someone you care about.

  1. Open the App Store, iTunes Store, or Books app, whatever you want. Select the item that you wish to donate by tapping it. To make a gift, use the Gift button: When you are in the App Store, click on the Share option, then select Gift App. To customise and deliver your gift, simply follow the onscreen instructions. After the gift has been sent, the receiver will get an email.

Is Audible free with Prime?

No. Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus memberships are independent and distinct from a Prime subscription in terms of content. This subscription permits you to listen to as much of the Audible Plus Catalog as you desire. You may also purchase Audible books without having to sign up for a subscription.

Do Audible credits expire?

Credits are only valid for one year from the date of purchase. The Credit summary page contains information about when credits were granted as well as their expiration date. It is important to note that credits earned from an Audible subscription that was initiated using the Audible iOS app do not expire.

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How much do Audible credits cost?

A credit, on the other hand, costs around $14.95. As a result, you will receive a $9 discount. Similarly, if you want to listen to more than one audiobook, a monthly membership to our audiobook service would be more cost-effective than purchasing individual audiobooks. Audible also provides exclusive member-only discounts on audiobooks, allowing you to save up to 60% off the regular price of an audiobook.

How do I lend a book on Audible?

When you want to share an Audible book with a friend, all you have to do is open your Audible app and tap the “My Library” icon at the bottom of the page. Then locate the Audible audiobook that you wish to share and click on the three dots to the right of the title to share it with other people. “Send this Book” will be one of the options that will appear on the screen.

Can you buy Amazon Audible credits?

Audible credits cannot be purchased through Amazon, despite the fact that Audible is Amazon’s own audiobook service. Although Audible audiobooks are not currently available for purchase on Amazon, they are accessible for purchase using Amazon eGift cards, which may be used to purchase Audible material that is available on Amazon.

How do I share my Audible library with family?

Take the following steps:

  1. Steps to take include:

How do I add a family member to my Audible account?

Select Preferences from the drop-down menu. To view the secret message, choose Households and Family Library from the drop-down menu, then select Learn more about Households. Select Add Adult from the drop-down menu on the new page to create a new profile. The name and email address of the other adult you’d want to invite should be entered if the other adult is not present, and then click Continue.

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Can I share an audiobook from Apple Books?

Apple Books may be used to download shared purchases. Open the Books app, or click on your profile photo, which is located in the top right of the screen. Under Family Purchases, choose the name of a family member and then select a category from the drop-down menu (for example, Books or Audiobooks). To download a bought item, click on the download icon next to it.

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