How To Get More Books On Audible? (Perfect answer)

How to purchase Audible books with the Audible application

  1. To begin, launch the Audible app on your iPhone or Android device. Audible shop may be accessed by clicking on the Shopping Cart button in the upper-right corner. To find an audiobook, use the magnifying glass to search for it or browse through the categories. Select the audiobook you wish to purchase by tapping on it.

  • On the desktop website, navigate to Account Details Notifications and then select the box next to Sales and Offers to get sales and offer notifications. Audible occasionally provides two-for-one audiobook book promotions. For example, if you purchase two audiobooks, you may receive a third free, or they may give you two books for the price of one credit.

How do you get credits on Audible?

Navigate to your Account Details Notifications section on the desktop website and then choose the option for Sales and Offers. A promotion for two audiobooks for the price of one is occasionally available on Audible. For example, if you purchase two audiobooks, you will receive a third free, or they may give you two books for the price of one credit;

Can I get more than one book a month on Audible?

If you are an Audible member, you will earn one credit for every month you are a member. This credit can be used toward any title, regardless of price. But, of course, you’ll want to listen to more than one book a month if you have the time. If such is the case, you will be required to purchase these extra titles.

Why can’t you buy Audible books on my iPhone?

Intangible goods (music, gaming credits, books, and other items of a similar nature) purchased on iPhone must be paid through the Apple App Store payment system, which includes a 30 percent fee to Apple for its services. It was decided by Audible that its audiobook material would not be offered for purchase directly on the iPhone in order to avoid Apple dipping into their margins.

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Is there a way to get Audible books for free?

You may simply obtain free Audible books by visiting Audible’s official website. It is necessary to purchase an audiobook for $0 and access it on your desktop computer or mobile device before you can begin listening to it on your device.

How much does it cost to buy 3 extra credits on Audible?

Purchase Additional Credits You may purchase a 3-credit bundle from Audible if you’ve used up all of your credits on your current subscription. The only restriction is that you must have been a member for at least 30 days in order to take advantage of this offer. The 3 credit bundle typically costs approximately $35 USD, which is generally less expensive per credit than the majority of audiobooks on the market today.

Why do I only get one credit on Audible?

Any titles that do not have this tag will require a credit and will display the message “Add to Library (1 credit)” when you choose them. You may also use your unique member discount to purchase additional titles from the premium collection, saving you an additional 30%. Are the titles from the Audible Plus Catalogue still available to me if I discontinue my membership?

Can you listen to multiple books on Audible?

Yes! It’s as simple as signing in with the same log-in on numerous devices and you’ll be able to access everything in your library. So Bart has the Audible app installed on his phone, and I have the same app installed on mine. That way, we can both listen to the same things if we wish, or we can both access all of our children’s books on the same device.

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How many books can you listen to with Audible?

When you use your Amazon Prime membership to access your Audible account, you will only be able to access a rotating collection of 50+ books, which is a significant limitation. Additionally, you may purchase extra Audible credits each month.

Do you have to pay for each book on Audible?

Yes, you do have to pay to listen to Audible books. It is a monthly or yearly fee in exchange for a lower pricing on titles that are currently available. Purchases in excess of the 1–2 titles per month allowed by your membership will cost a little extra, however they may be included in exceptional bargains from time to time. It is achieved by the use of a credit system.

How do I buy books on Audible on iPhone?

Take the following steps:

  1. The Audible app is launched. Then, hit Discover. Then, search for and tap on the audiobook you’d want to add to your collection. Then, press Buy with 1 Credit. Then, tap Confirm. The audiobook has been added to your collection.

How do you buy Audible books on iPhone?

How to purchase Audible books with the Audible application

  1. Instructions on how to purchase Audible books using the Audible application.

How do I buy Audible books on Amazon?

To purchase an Audible title from Amazon, follow these steps:

  1. Visit for more information. Browse through Audible’s catalog or use the search bar to find an audiobook that you’d want to buy. Purchase the audiobook from the following link: If you are not presently a member of Audible, you may sign up here: Choose either Start your free trial or Buy with 1-Click from the drop-down menu.
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How many books can I download on Audible?

Answer. Insofar as you have purchased and are now in possession of an Audiobook, you have permission to download that title as many times as you like – completely free of charge! Your Library page on the Audible desktop website functions similarly to a digital bookshelf in your home.

Is Audible included with Prime?

No. Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus memberships are independent and distinct from a Prime subscription in terms of content. This subscription permits you to listen to as much of the Audible Plus Catalog as you desire. You may also purchase Audible books without having to sign up for a subscription.

How expensive are Audible books?

The majority of audio novels, on the other hand, cost between $25 and $30 and last between 8 and 12 hours. Because credits end up costing anywhere from $9.57 to $14.95 each credit, depending on the plan, you are saving a considerable amount of money over the retail price of the item. In accordance with the plan selected, charges either a monthly price or an annual subscription.

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