How Many Books In The Cruel Prince Series? (Best solution)

When civil war threatens to engulf the Courts of Faerie in bloodshed, Jude will be forced to sacrifice her life in a risky alliance in order to preserve her sisters and the realm of Faerie itself. This series consists of three volumes. This series consists of three volumes.

  • The Cruel Prince, the first book in The Folk of Air Trilogy, will be released in the winter of 2018, with two further volumes to be released in the following years, both of which have yet to be named. A digital novella is also included in the contract, in addition to the three print and e-books that were previously announced.

Will there be a fourth book in The Cruel Prince series?

Currently, we do not have any plans to collaborate on another project, but it is possible that we may in the future. We’re still great friends, and I’d love to collaborate with him on another project in the future.

What order should you read The Cruel Prince series?


  1. There are three books in this series: The Cruel Prince (book 1, released on January 2nd 2018)
  2. The Wicked King (book 2, released on January 8th 2019)
  3. and The Queen of Nothing (book 3, released on November 19th 2019).

Is there a second cruel prince?

Find out about all of the novels, as well as the author’s biography and more. The enthralling and savage sequel to the New York Times bestselling novel The Cruel Prince (The Cruel Prince #2). You must be physically powerful enough to attack repeatedly and repeatedly without becoming exhausted.

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Is The Cruel Prince 18+?

It is dependent on the child’s maturity level. However, there aren’t many moments that are indecent. There is some kissing with their clothes on (no sex), a few curses (although parents who let their children watch Jurassic Park rather than this novel should be aware that there are a greater number of curses in Jurassic Park), and a little violence, but 11 + is appropriate.

Why did Taryn eat faerie?

Her excitement is heightened even while she is choking to death because of the fruit. When Jude pretends to be Taryn at Locke’s home, she is startled and concerned to discover that Taryn has been eating faerie fruit on a daily basis since marrying Locke a few years ago.

Is there a cruel Prince movie?

The film rights to Holly Black’s fantasy novel THE CRUEL PRINCE have been acquired by Universal and director Mike De Luca! In a deal announced today, Universal Pictures has acquired the film rights to Holly Black’s fantasy novel The Cruel Prince, with Mike De Luca producing.

Does queen of nothing have a happy ending?

Overall, I found The Queen of Nothing to be entertaining. As previously stated, it was a quick and simple read, and I was delighted to be reunited with characters who, despite their flaws, I had grown to admire. There’s plenty of action and political intrigue to keep readers interested throughout the novel. The conclusion of Jude and Cardan’s story will also be satisfying to the majority of viewers.

Are Holly Black’s books connected?

As part of her Magisterium series, Holly Black collaborated with acclaimed young adult urban fantasy author Cassandra Clare to create a new world. The two first met in 2002, and they’ve remained close friends ever since. After ten years, the opportunity to cooperate on the author’s newest series presented itself, and Cassandra sprang at the opportunity with both feet.

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What is the order of Sarah J Maas books?

Books by Sarah J. Maas, in the following order:

  • “The Assassin’s Blade,” “The Throne of Glass,” “The Crown of Midnight,” “The Heir of Fire,” “The Queen of Shadows,” “Empire of Storms,” “The Tower of Dawn,” and “The Kingdom of Ash.”

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