How Many Books Did Plato Write? (Correct answer)

  • Plato lived around the 5th century BCE and was a philosopher. He was a pupil of Socrates and subsequently served as an instructor for Aristotle. Many regard him to be the founder of the Academy, an academic program that many consider to be the world’s first Western university. Plato produced a large number of philosophical texts—at least 25 in all.

How many writings does Plato have?

Plato authored a large number of philosophical books, at least 25 in all. It is said that he devoted his life to learning and teaching, and that he is considered to be one of the founding figures of Western philosophy.

What key books did Plato write?


  • Apology.
  • Crito.
  • Euthyphro.
  • Meno.
  • Parmenides.
  • Phaedo.
  • Phaedrus.
  • Republic.

Did Plato write his own books?

He didn’t go to school and didn’t have any books. Philosophy, in his opinion, cannot be contained inside formulae; rather, it is a study project conducted openly and informally. As a result, we must be mindful that philosophy does not appear to be directly tied to literacy in many cases. This is also true of Plato, Socrates’ most devoted student and successor.

How many books does Plato’s Republic have?

The Republic, which is divided into 10 “books,” is most commonly taught as a treatise that champions a series of radical recommendations for the finest city (polis) or rule in Rome (politeia). Plato’s Socrates informs his youthful companions at one point that the finest city will be one in which the people is separated into three castes, and here is where the story ends.

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How many books did Socrates?

Because Socrates himself did not write anything, the four primary sources of knowledge on him are Aristophanes’ play The Clouds, Plato’s dialogues, Xenophon’s Memorabilia, and Aristotle’s Metaphysics. Aristotle’s Metaphysics is the most recent of these sources. The play by Aristophanes was the earliest written source, and it was also the only one composed while Socrates was still living at the time.

Did Socrates leave any writings?

Socrates did not capture any of his views in writing, but his conversations with his pupil and protégé, the philosopher Plato (428 – 347 BCE), were preserved in written form. Since you are known as “the Father of Writing,” you have developed a strong affinity for it, leading you to depict its effects as the polar opposite of what they truly are.”

What was Plato’s real name?

It was asserted that Plato’s real name was Aristocles, and that the nickname ‘Plato’ (roughly ‘the broad’) was given to him because of the width of his shoulders, which were the result of wrestling training, or because of the breadth of his style, or because of the size of his forehead, among other things.

How old was Plato when Socrates died?

Philosophers have always favored the biography of Socrates provided by their fellow philosopher, Plato, as the most accurate. The philosopher Plato was roughly twenty-five years old when Socrates was tried and killed, and he had likely known the elderly man for most of his life at the time.

How big was Plato’s Atlantis?

Atlantis, according to Plato, was an island consisting primarily of mountains in the northern portions and along the shore, with a great plain in the south encompassing a great plain in an oblong shape. The island extended in one direction three thousand stadia [about 555 km; 345 mi], but across the center inland it was two thousand stadia [about 555 km; 345 mi] wide.

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Who taught Aristotle?

Aristotle’s professors and students were a diverse group of individuals. Plato (c. 428–c. 348 BCE) was Aristotle’s most renowned instructor, and he himself had been a pupil of Socrates (c. 428–c. 348 BCE).

How did Plato writings survive?

It is via the intellectual heirs of Plato that his lessons have persisted to the present day. They were particularly embraced by the Neoplatonists, such as Plotinus, and were finally adopted by Christian philosophy around the year 250, when they became basic to Christian thought.

Which is Plato last book?

Plato’s Statesman is the final of the works you’ve recommended, and it’s an excellent read.

Is Plato’s Republic a utopia?

Plato’s “Republic” is the world’s first utopian literature, complete with a perfect city—the Kallipolis—and a utopian society. Since then, many philosophers have been influenced by the authoritarian tendencies of the Kallipolis, leading them to proceed in the other direction.

Who started the academy?

Platonic’s Academy (Ancient Greek: ) was established in Athens in 387 BC by the philosopher Plato. Aristotle spent twenty years (367–347 BC) studying there before establishing his own school, the Lyceum, in Athens.

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