How Many Books Are In The Practical Magic Series? (Solved)

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Practical Magic volumes (including their order) are provided here, followed by evaluations of each of the four books, which include summaries, quotations, my observations, and recommendations for which sort of reader each book is most appropriate.
Practical Magic is what type of book it is, exactly.

  • Practical Magic is a paranormal romance novel series published by Alice Hoffman that is set in a magical world. Following the antics of two witches, sisters who continually attempting and failing to break free from their magical ancestry, the stories are set in a fantasy world. The Practical Magic series is difficult to categorize for the majority of individuals.

What is the order of Alice Hoffman’s books?


  • Property Of (1977)
  • The Drowning Season (1979)
  • Angel Landing (1980)
  • White Horses (1982)
  • Fortune’s Daughter (1985)
  • Illumination Night (1987)
  • At Risk (1988)
  • Seventh Heaven (1990)

Is there a sequel to Practical Magic?

You may read them in the order in which they were written (Practical Magic, The Rules of Magic, Magic Lessons, The Book of Magic), or you can read them in the order in which they were published (Practical Magic, The Rules of Magic, Magic Lessons, The Book of Magic) (Magic Lessons, The Rules of Magic, Practical Magic, The Book of Magic).

Where did they film Practical Magic?

Production. In California, some of the filming of Practical Magic took place on an artificial set. It was agreed by film’s producers that the home would play an important role in portraying Owens culture, and thus a precise replica of that concept was created on San Juan Island in the state of Washington to serve as a backdrop for the movie.

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Is Practical Magic on Netflix 2021?

Sadly, fans of Practical Magic and Sandra Bullock will have to find another way to see the film over the upcoming Halloween season, as it is not presently accessible for streaming on the Netflix platform.

Does the house in Practical Magic exist?

Unfortunately, the house in Practical Magic looks exactly like the house in the movie The Holiday, which is a disappointment. It isn’t genuine; it is an architectural shell that was constructed for the purpose of filming the outside sequences in the film. The land on San Juan Island in Washington state was rented for the purpose of building the residence.

Why is practical magic so different from the book?

The differences: In the book, Sally and Gillian’s relationship is more strained than it is in real life. In the book, you’ll learn more about what the Aunts do to help the local ladies. The necessity of Sally’s being normal is emphasized increasingly throughout the novel. In the book, acceptance of magic is more dramatic than in real life.

Should you read Practical Magic before the rules of magic?

Goodreads Author Page for Simon Schuster Despite the fact that Practical Magic is a predecessor to The Rules of Magic, you are not required to read it first. As a stand-alone novel, The Rules of Magic is really fantastic! You’ll recognize some of the characters from your previous viewings (if you’re like me, at least once a year!) You’ll also meet some new characters.

How old is Sally in practical magic?

Sally was raised in the gorgeous town of New Salem, Massachusetts, and was a twenty-five year old witch who was thought to be rather mature for her age. She was extremely charming and timid, and she had a lot of friends.

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Is Alice Hoffman married?

She barely ever mentions her spouse, Tom Martin, in any of her interviews. “I think he’s a teacher,” she explains hazily. “We moved here so that my husband could go to PhD school,” she explains later in the conversation. “My spouse and I develop screenplays together,” she says at one point, indicating that she is willing to compromise.

Who is the older sister in practical magic?

The Owens family adopted Gillian and her elder sister, Sally, after their parents passed away unexpectedly. The family went to the scenic Maria’s Island, where they lived with their quirky and free-spirited aunts, Bridget and Francis Owens.

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