How Many Alex Cross Books Are There? (Question)

As of now, there are 29 volumes in the standard Alex Cross book series, as well as two novellas, in the series (aka Alex Cross BookShots). Please see the following list for a complete listing of all the novels in chronological order (including novellas) if you prefer to read them in sequence: 1) A Spider appeared out of nowhere (1993)

  • Alex Cross Series consists of 29 major works and 33 overall works of the artist. Dr. Alex Cross is a forensic psychologist who began his career working for the Washington, DC police department before moving on to become a senior agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Each book in the series is a complete narrative with a beginning and an end
  • nevertheless, there are references to previous stories in the series throughout the books.

How many books are there in the Alex Cross series?

The Metropolitan Police Department investigator and father Alex Cross is the subject of the New York Times bestselling crime, mystery, and thriller books. As he battles dangers to his family and the city of Washington, D.C., the novels are set in the United States. The book series, which is presently under progress, consists of a total of 29 volumes.

How many Alex Cross books were made into movies?

A total of three films based on Patterson’s Alex Cross novels have been made: Kiss the Girls (1997), Along Came a Spider (2001), and Alex Cross (2012), all of which starred Morgan Freeman as Cross. Patterson’s Alex Cross books have also been turned into three television series.

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Is the character Alex Cross black?

Character. Alex Cross is a detective and psychologist that works out of the Southeast region of Washington, D.C. He is African American. He began his career as a murder detective with the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPDC), but rose through the ranks to become a Senior Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1998. (FBI).

Should Alex Cross books be read in order?

The Alex Cross series is not a short one, thus it is important to read them in order. If you haven’t already, it’s advised that you read the novels in order, even if you don’t intend to spoil the previous volumes if you haven’t already done so.

Are there more Alex Cross movies?

Currently, there are three Alex Cross films in production. When it came to the first two films, Morgan Freeman played Alex Cross; however, the third film had Tyler Perry as the character.

Who writes the Alex Cross books?

He is the only author to have fresh number one titles on the New York Times best-seller lists for both adult and children’s best sellers at the same time in the same year. The Alex Cross series is written by James Patterson, who is also the series’ originator and author. The first episode of the series aired in 1993.

Is there a sequel to Alex Cross?

The sequel has been canceled. Prior to the release of the film Alex Cross (2012), it was revealed that the novel Double Cross will be turned into a film, with Tyler Perry repeating his role as the main character. However, the picture was shelved after the box office performance of Alex Cross did not meet expectations.

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Is Seven An Alex Cross movie?

John C. McGinley previously featured in Se7en (1995), in which he co-starred with Morgan Freeman, who played the original Alex Cross. Unlike the last Alex Cross picture, Along Came a Spider (2001), this one is directed by Rob Cohen, whereas the previous Alex Cross film was directed by Lee Tamahori.

Which James Patterson books have been turned into movies?

What to Watch for in James Patterson Films

  • On the 17th Green, there was a miracle (1999) The game of golf serves as the backdrop for this sports drama.
  • A Spider appeared out of nowhere (2001) Morgan Freeman reprises his role as the titular psychologist and detective in this third installment of the Alex Cross series. ‘The First to Die’ (2003 )
  • ‘The Second to Die’ (2003 )
  • ‘The Third to Die’ (2003 )
  • ‘The Fourth to Die’ (2003 )
  • ‘The Fifth to Die’ (2003 )
  • ‘The Sundays at Tiffany’s (2010)
  • Maximum Ride (2016)
  • Sundays at Tiffany’s (2010)

Is kiss the girl based on a true story?

Kiss the Girls on the Lips Goodnight is a horrifying real story of sex slavery that takes place not in a Middle Eastern harem or a sleazy Third World brothel, but in an upscale neighborhood of Syracuse, New York, where the author grew up.

How old is Alex Cross in the books?

However, the novel’s plot takes place over the span of nearly two years, whereas the film takes place over a few days. Aside from that, in the novel, Alex Cross is 38 years old and has two children, but he is in his mid to late fifties in the film version.

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Does Netflix have Alex Cross?

However, the novel’s tale takes place over the span of about two years, as opposed to the film’s few days of action. In addition, Alex Cross is 38 years old and has two children in the novel, but he is in his mid- to late-fifties in the movie.

What kind of car does Alex Cross Drive?

As an example, look no farther than Matthew Fox’s insane murderer Picasso in the new Alex Cross picture, which opens in theaters on Friday. He slashes his victims’ fingers off and causes them to die slowly and painfully — all while driving a Cadillac CTS-V sports car.

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