How Do You Say Books In German? (Best solution)

‘Book’ is translated into German.

  1. Exercise book is referred to as Buch nt. Heft nt
  2. (= division: in the Bible, a poetry, and so forth) Buch nt. the (good) Book, often known as the Book of Books ( of tickets) I’m not sure what you’re talking about (thicker) Books pl. (Comm, Fin) Bücher pl. (Comm, Fin) Bücher pl. (Comm, Fin) Bücher pl. (Comm, Fin) Bücher pl. to maintain the books of a company die Bücher einer Firma führen. )(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
  • In German, what do we refer to as a book? [bʊk] 1. The following are examples of terminology that are often used in the English language: Buch nt. (Exercise book)
  • Heft nt. (Dividing Bibles, poetry, and other materials)
  • and Buch nt.

What’s the German word for book?

Das Buch is the German term meaning book, according to YouTube.

How do you say textbook in German?

Textbook in German was translated into English.

  1. Textbook case Paradefall m.
  2. textbook knowledge (Lehr)buchwissen nt.
  3. textbook landing Bilderbuchlandung f.

What does Bücher mean in German?

a word that is generally used in the plural: the books and records of a firm.

How do you say I am reading a book in German?

I’m now immersed in a novel. Both phrases are equivalent to ‘Ich lese ein Buch’.

What is Dutch book?

To book; noteren; vastleggen; registreren; opschrijven; optekenen; inschrijven; opgeven; to put a book in; to boekstaven

What gender is book in German?

You must understand that the book (Buch) is a neuter noun in German, for example, if you wish to pronounce the word book in the German language. It’s not either masculine or feminine (and the plural would clearly be books, which is something else again).

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