How Book Trip To Maldives?

How much does Maldives trip cost?

How Much Does It Cost to go to the Maldives?

Estimated cost
Total $5,800 USD
Airfare $1,000
Accommodations $3,900
Local transportation $200

3 more rows

How much does a week in Maldives cost?

A week on a resort island for two guests can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000 on a full-board or all-inclusive basis. On the other hand, a budget-conscious traveller can spend around $500-750 for a week on a local island.

Are there any all inclusive resorts in the Maldives?

If this sounds like a dream vacation, you can experience it all in the Maldives: a chain of nearly 1,200 gorgeous islands that fan out across the Indian Ocean. Keep in mind, however, that there are surprisingly few true all-inclusive in the Maldives, and even fewer packages that include high-end liquor.

How do I plan a trip to the Maldives?

22 Maldives Travel Tips For Your Holiday

  • Plan According To The Weather.
  • Choose Your Airplane Rides Wisely.
  • Try To Book Hotels And Flights Online.
  • Follow The Basic Unwritten Rules Of The Land.
  • Choose Affordable Accommodation And Transportation.
  • Go For All-inclusive Or Half-board Facilities.
  • Pack Wisely.