How Book Tickets For Kids?

How do I book a flight for a child?

To make reservation for a child accompanied by an adult, select the same fare for the child as the adult.

The system will automatically select the lower of either the Child Fare or other selected discounted fares.

For children accompanied by an adult flying JAL Business KIPPU, please reserve Child Fare.

Can I book a flight for a child?

You can book return flights for everyone, they will just need to be linked so the children aren’t unaccompanied minors. Either do this over the phone with the airline or go and see a Travel Agent who can organise with the airline on your behalf. Mum will be on one booking, Dad on another and the children on another.

How much is a child flight ticket?

American Airlines and U.S. Airways: $150 fee each way per child. The unaccompanied minor program is required for all children between the ages of 5-14, and is optional for 15-17 year olds. No child under the age of 5 is allowed to travel alone. Delta Airlines: $100 fee each way per child.

Are children’s airfares cheaper than adults?

Not only that, but on the flip side, if you aren’t careful about how you search — child tickets can actually cost more than some adult tickets! Child discounts aren’t only available on international airlines, but are also available on some US-based airlines.