How Book Show Reservation Disney Cruise?

How do I make a reservation on a Disney cruise?

You can also make reservations through your travel agent or by calling Disney Cruise Line at (800) 951-3532.

Guests under age 18 must have parent or guardian permission to call.

You can find available cruises listed by Ports of Departure, Ports of Call, Port Adventures or Disney Cruise Ship.

What can you reserve on Disney Cruise?

6 Things To Book in Advance on Disney Cruises

  • Castaway Cay Cabanas. Disney’s private island is home to our favorite cabanas.
  • ” Frozen” Meet and Greet.
  • Dinner at Remy. This isn’t just the best restaurant on board — it’s also one of the best at sea.
  • Spa and Salon Appointments on Sea Days.
  • The Princess Gathering.
  • Character Breakfasts on Sea Days.

How do I book a character meets on a Disney cruise?

Tips for Meeting Characters on a Disney Cruise

  1. Make the Navigator your new best friend.
  2. Make the character attendant your second best friend.
  3. Get to the area the character will be meeting early.
  4. Choose the earlier set.
  5. Meet characters on Castaway Cay before other activities.
  6. Even if the line is short, don’t be surprised if the line moves slowly.

Can I change my Disney cruise reservation?

How do I view and edit travel details? You can easily view and edit many of your travel plans by signing in to My Reservations and choosing the Cruise Details tab Certain items, such as party members and flights booked through Disney Cruise Line, can only be changed by calling us at (800) 951-3532.

How can I get the cheapest Disney cruise?

Use these 10 tips to book a cheap Disney cruise in 2019.

  • Choose an Inside Cabin.
  • Book Last-Minute Cruises When You Can.
  • Bookmark the Disney Promotions Page.
  • Book Like It’s Black Friday.
  • Book Another Disney Cruise on Board.
  • Use a Travel Agent.
  • Book a Disney Cruise in the Off-Season.
  • Bring Your Own Booze.
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What is the deposit amount for a Disney cruise?


How do I make a payment on my Disney cruise?

But, you can call Disney Cruise Line at (800) 951-3532 to make a payment anytime before that date if you want to pay along the way. I like to budget for our cruises by purchasing Disney Gift Cards at my local grocery store when I shop each week.

How far in advance can you book Disney Cruise excursions?

75 days

How far in advance should you book a Disney cruise?

about 18 months