How Book Seat In Tripcase?

How do I add a TripCase?

Add a Travel Itinerary

You can add your travel details to the app in 2 ways: Forward the confirmation email of your flight, hotel, car, etc.

to [email protected]

TripCase will extract your travel dates, times, and everything else!

Manually enter them (yuck!)9 Jan 2017

What is TripCase?

TripCase is an app that aims to bring together all of your travel plans into one location, and then allows you to access the information easily so that you don’t have to flick through a sheaf of papers to check on flight times or where to get your rental car at the airport.

How much does TripCase cost?

TripCase Pro is available for free through Oct. 31, and a fee will be charged thereafter. Pricing will be $9.99 per month or $69.99 for an annual subscription. Users can click the Go Pro option in the free TripCase apps for iPhone, Blackberry and Android to get more information.16 Sep 2010

How do I add a TripCase to Outlook calendar?

How do I add my trips to Outlook/Google Calendar? Sign in to and select the Calendar option from the dropdown menu next to your name. Copy the webcal URL in the Subscription section. Paste the webcal URL on your browser and select your preferred calendar client.15 Apr 2016