How Book Rail Ticket Online?

How do I book train tickets online?

How can I book train ticket online?

  • Visit the Goibibo website/app and go to the IRCTC Trains page.
  • Enter the ‘From’ and ‘To’ destinations, select the travel date from the calendar icon and click on the Search button.
  • After finding a preferred train, click on check availability and then click on Book Now.

How can I book ticket in Irctc?

  1. Visit IRCTC website or mobile application.
  2. Select “Connecting Journey Booking” main menu Trains’
  3. Locate the trains for the desired journey.
  4. Check the accommodation availability in train on train list page.
  5. Click ‘Book Now’ button.
  6. Enter the PNRs you wish to connect.

Can I buy train ticket online?

You can buy tickets online and collect them from the ticket machine before you travel. You can also buy them at the station from a ticket machine or staffed ticket office.

Which is the best train ticket booking app?

Top 5 IRCTC Android Apps To Track PNR, Book Tickets and More

  • Indian Rail Train & IRCTC Info. Indian Rail app is a very popular app for finding train, booking e-tickets, checking seat availability, train status and a lot more.
  • Ixigo indianrail train irctc.
  • IRCTC Mobile App.
  • IRCTC Ticket Booking by Spice Digital Ltd.
  • IRCTC Mobile Booking 2014.

Which app is best for railway ticket booking?

These are the top 5 Android Apps which one can use to book a Railway Ticket in India:

  1. IRCTC Rail Connect. Redefining the wheel is a perfect way to describe the IRCTC app whose existing website already helps 10 lakh customers buy tickets.
  2. ixigo trains.
  3. Trainman.
  4. Confirmtkt.
  5. MakeMyTrip.
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How early can you book train tickets?

Typically, train companies release their Advance tickets 12 weeks before the departure date, although some go on sale as far as 24 weeks in Advance! Only a limited number of tickets will be available, so be quick to secure yours as the fare can rise as the date of travel gets nearer.

How can I book train ticket by mobile?

Login to URL with your existing IRCTC user id and password.

  • Click on Book Ticket and fill in details for plan my travel.
  • Select the train and continue the booking.
  • Use existing passenger list or add passengers.
  • Confirm booking details and pay through Credit/debit card to get successful.

How do I book a ticket on journey break?

The time should be 5 hours of one train to other train in break point. You can’t book a Break Journey ticket online. It has to be booked on reservation counter and a separate form has to be filled for the same.