How Book A Flight When Your Not Sure Of Return Date?

How can I book a flight without return date?

4 steps to book a flight without a return date

  • Focus on Known Travel Dates. Find your official start date in the program calendar (the drop-down menus lead there, we promise).
  • Choose a Changeable Flight Ticket.
  • Book Now Pay Later.
  • Change Your Dates As Needed.

4 Sep 2019

Can I buy a flight ticket without date?

A. You can always purchase an airfare and change the dates of travel, but the fare may change (either up or down) for travel on the date you decide to fly, and in most cases the cheapest fares will also require a change fee ($150 on a domestic fare on most U.S.-based airlines) if you change dates.23 Apr 2013

How late can you book a flight?

That’s good news in terms of how much lead time you’ll need to buy tickets. When you’re booking a domestic flight, book your tickets between one and three months prior to your trip.22 Feb 2020

Does the day you book a flight matter?

The day that you book tickets won’t affect much, but Tuesdays and Sundays are the days you might catch a slight discount. The day that your flight departs matters way more: Flying out towards the end of the week (on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays) is likely to be the cheapest.9 Nov 2018